Digital Event Management

Mobile Application

The Problem

The client wanted a digital platform for the entire event management system that could improve the communication between organizers, sponsors & location hosts via native iOS & android app and a CMS for admin to handle end users. The client also wanted better task management to accelerate communication for subscribed users via real time chat which is easier and faster information exchange.

The Challenges

Defining the Requirements

Since our client was the first to come up with a concept for creating, sponsoring & hosting events in a single platform, it was difficult to determine accurate project requirements and potential features that would delight the target audience of event organizers, sponsors & location hosts.

GUI Constraints

Another major challenge was to maintain consistent performance, look and feel for users across various mobile platforms – iPhone, Android  – because of various Graphical User Interface constraints.

The Solution

  • Users can request for their need in real-time to other users within one platform and check progress too via dashboard.
  • Real time chat for user communication
  • Technologies used:- Express JS, Angular JS, Node JS, PostgreSQL, Native iOS, Native Android