You came across an amazing app in the app store, however, the mobile app content is in non-native (it is in English) language. Considering you are a non-English speaker, would you download it? This is where mobile app localization matters.

Currently, English is not the dominant language. Even if your app has five-star ratings and stellar reviews, still it will not be downloaded by a non-native language speaker.

The Importance of Mobile App Localization
The Importance of Mobile App Localization

If you are not localizing your app for your potential users, your app becomes limited in reach. In order to reach your target audience, developing a mobile app in their native language is essential. By doing so, you are going an extra mile to deliver a unique experience to your customers, in the language they are comfortable in.

Now that you know what mobile app localization means, let us dive deeper to know why it matters.


Need to localize your app for a global audience?


Why is Mobile App Localization Important?

Today, if you want your app to achieve global success, of course, you need to make it global. It is exactly what Niantic did with Pokémon Go. Earlier, this game was first launched in the US, Australia, and New Zealand. Later, it was localized into other languages, such as French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

Apart from this, there are other fantastic reasons to go for app localization.

  • Reach

Obviously, when you are not familiar with English and you get your favorite stuff in the language you know, you will most likely use it. Similar is the case with mobile apps. If you have an app in your local language you will undoubtedly download it. According to statistics, about 75% of consumers agree that when faced with the choice of buying two similar products, they are more likely to purchase the one that has product information in their own language. This is where localization becomes important.

  • RevenueGrowth by App Localization

Apart from achieving a solid and diverse user reach, localizing your application can also result in a significant increase in your overall revenue. Wondering how? Because your app will no longer be restricted to a particular region/area; it will reach out to a global audience, hence more users/customers.

  • Customer experience

With localization, your app will be used by a larger audience, this means there will be continuous user feedback. If you make the required changes and provide what is most demanded by the users, it’ll not only improve the quality of your app but will enhance the overall user experience.

Results of App Localization

A study, “The Impact of App Translations,” from Distomo revealed that localizing iPhone app text resulted in considerably more downloads — about 128% more per country. Additionally, companies saw a 26% increase in revenue for each country added via app localization. What’s more interesting is these results were achieved within just one week of releasing a localized version of the app.

The Bottom Line

If you want your app to be recognized on a wider platform, you must give localization and internationalization a serious thought.

Now that you know the benefits of mobile app localization, go ahead and hire the team of best mobile app developers to make your app available for the global audience. The stellar developers are capable of localizing apps for any language and platform.

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