Digital space is becoming an essential touchpoint for businesses to attract and retain talent. As an HR professional, you’ll need to be up to date with the technological trends that significantly affect the business processes. These 4 trends will assist you in finding, managing, and engaging the right employees and will allow you to have a competitive edge in the industry.

1) Big Data

Today, big data acts as a channel for HR professionals to understand their market and target candidates better. Big Data has transformed the monotonous functions such as compliance verification and risk assessment through platforms that digitize the information HR needs. By analyzing data from the applicant tracking systems, organizations can also uncover insights like top sourcing channels for technology candidates, mediums that offer least cost-to-hire, measure candidate quality by analyzing assignment completion rates, and much more. This information can help HR optimize their recruitment cycle and impact the end-to-end KPIs.

2) Direct Sourcing Platforms

With organizations looking beyond traditional mediums like job boards and social media, direct sourcing platforms are gaining popularity. These platforms not only give access to database of pre-screened talent but also provide many quality referrals. Most of these platforms use candidate-matching algorithms to target candidates on the platforms where they spend maximum time, so they are quite effective. Think of them as a new sourcing stream that provides access to an untapped workforce.

3) Chatbots

Chatbots engage with candidates via automated messaging to create a more interactive and engaging hiring process. Chatbots are emerging as an essential HR tech tool for high volume recruitment. As the skill shortage continues, chatbots suggest a more direct and effective way of engaging with millennials or graduate talent. Chatbots are not only useful in all stages of recruitment but also useful in communicating with existing employees. HR can use chatbots for answering operational questions, scheduling, and many other elements of day-to-day business life.

4) Social Recruiting

A trending concept in recruitment and HR Tech is social recruitment. Social recruiting is not a brand-new concept as it is already widely accepted and implemented by HR professionals. Companies can use social media channels to reach their target audience with job postings and paid advertisements. Social media also provides a platform for brand promotion as HR managers can utilize it to tell their organization’s story (Instagram photos, blog posts, Tumblr and Pinterest pages, Twitter, Facebook posts and more).

As the talent sphere becomes tough to crack its necessary for all organizations to stay on top of the latest HR tech trends to attract the best and the brightest. So make sure you invest in the latest technologies to recruit, engage, and retain top talent.

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