Upon transitioning from the military back into the civilian population, veterans usually find themselves with one big question – Where to find employment? While technology offers a great salary it also requires extensive training and a certain amount of interest. The other popular option is getting trained on skilled trades (machinists, welding, piping, floor installation and more). The training is less extensive and the chances of getting a job are also pretty good.

Fortunately, reports show that there has been a shortage of skilled trade technicians in the USA, so there is a large gap to fill. Also, with many firms now pledging to hire veterans, many training programs have come up. In this article, we would be looking at the four top-rated programs that train veterans in skilled trades.

1) Troops To Trades

This veterans training program was birthed by the Nexstar legacy foundation and it assists veterans in four major ways. Firstly, the program aids veterans by providing them with a training grant which they don’t need to pay for. This grant covers service, technical and sales training programs. Secondly, they make available to veterans information on possible careers located within the home services country. Thirdly, they give veterans who are enrolled in educational program scholarships.  And lastly, the program also connects veterans to businesses across the United States such as plumbing and electrical businesses which are scouting to train and employ service technicians. Their website is troopstotrades.org

2) United Associations Veterans In Piping

This program is developed in partnership with the United States military. It assists military officials with adequate training in the pipe trade. Consequently, when they do transition to the civilian population, they can move to a career in piping, giving them some security. The trade focus points of this training program are sprinkler fitting, HVAC-R, and welding. Their website is uavip.org

3) Painters And Allied Trades Veterans Training Program

This program focuses on advancing veterans skills by training them in finishing trades. So right after they are done serving their country, they can have a career in trades such as industrial painting, floor covering installation, drywall finishing, glass/glazing architectural metal, commercial painting, and wall covering. If you would love to know more about them, you can visit pat-vp.org

4) Code Platoon

Code Platoon was established as a non-profit organization that trains veterans for a vocation in software development. The training program runs for fourteen weeks and at the end, veterans would be sure to become quality programmers. Additionally, every veteran is assured of a $10,500 scholarship. If you desire to know more about code Platoon and its training program, you can visit codeplatoon.org

Many tier-I companies have partnered with these training schools to train and hire veterans in skilled trades. If you look at the various veteran hiring case studies then the results have been impressive. Many staffing firms have also collaborated with these schools for short-term and long-term programs for their clients.

On a final note, officers have for long complained about the lack of employment opportunities that awaits them when they are out of service. But things are fast changing thanks to veteran associations and support groups. Also, big thanks to corporates who are pledging a certain percentage of hiring from the military world.

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