Do you feel you are not getting expected traffic on your website?

Or perhaps, visitors are landing on your site but leaving immediately.

May be your website is not up to the mark. Or maybe its outdated.


Signs your website needs a redesign

Imagine walking on the street looking for a restaurant – would you go into a restaurant that is dark, smells bad and cluttered or would you check into a bright sparkling, spacious and attractively done restaurant?

Are you using an outdated website? Time to Redesign
Are you using an outdated website? Time to Redesign

I’m guessing you chose the latter; well the same applies to your website. Visitors will love to stay on your website if it is up-to-date with modern yet clean design and fresh information. Having outdated websites could do exactly the opposite.

Prospects usually link an outdated website with inferior quality products and services, making your business appearYour website is outdated if it is not responsive low grade in the market. So, if you want to enhance your business reputation, start with upgrading your website – modernize it. For this you need to know if your website is outdated. Here are five signs your website is out of date.

Why should I redesign my website?

Your website is a center spot of your digital marketing efforts. It is where you will show your strengths, generate leads and drive ROI. It is therefore critical to keep it fresh.

You know your website is outdated when,

It is no responsive –

If your website is not mobile-friendly, nobody will come to you to fulfill their requirements. As per a Kentico survey, 44% of users will never return to portals that aren’t mobile-friendly. Additionally, the same survey finds that 76% of smartphone users and 78% of tablet users return often to sites that are appealing and works well on their mobile devices. Multi-device compatibility is the necessity. A responsive website is essential to keep up with evolving technology and audience.

Don’t have a responsive website? We can help!


It offers poor user experience –

People comes to any website with a purpose – a problem or a requirement, and if you make them struggle to find what they need, they’ll obviously look elsewhere. Your website should be simple to navigate, all links working properly (no broken links), information handy and clear. For this, you should check your website on multiple browsers and devices. Take the same path you would like your new customers to go. Then ask the question “could this be better/simpler?” If you answer Yes, work on simplifying the conversion process. But if you answer No, then you are good to go. As per Hubspot, websites that published 16+ blog posts each month received almost 3.5 times more traffic than websites that posted between 0 – 4 monthly.

It has poor/stale Content –

If you are involved in content plagiarism or your site’s content hasn’t been updated since a long time, you should take it on priority. Outdated content results in higher bounce rate, and you know how bad increased bounce rates are for your website’s health. Updating your website with fresh and relevant content frequently also helps in SEO – because we all need traffic in volume. In fact your website should also have a blog section, which should be updated regularly.

It is not aligned with your brand –

If the website is different from your brand, it can create confusion Your website is outdated if it loads slowamong the visitors making it look unprofessional. While you cannot redevelop or redesign your website very frequently, it must reflect in its mission. For instance, if you recreate your brand logo or brand identity, it is important to update your website to reflect it.

It loads slow –

According to KISSmetrics, second delay in page load time can result in a 7% decrease in conversion rate. Think about the loss! So, yes site load speed is important. If your website is taking more than 3 seconds to load,  your website needs an update, strictly.

Additional Reasons

Other than these five signs, there are several other reasons to redesign your website, like:

  • It has no social sharing options or have no social media presence at all
  • It is still using Flash and Java elements – the trend has been surpassed by quicker, smarter technology
  • It is not generating leads because it has long contact forms, no call-to-action buttons, irrelevant content on landing pages etc.
  • All the images are pixelated
  • It has gaudy backgrounds, old-fashioned fonts and typeface too small for reading

A website can be your best sales tool. If your website is not able to hook your prospects – something is seriously wrong with your website.

Thinking about redesigning your website anytime soon? Whether you want to make design changes or want to upgrade the technology your website is built on, we have a huge team to help you in that. Infojini offers best web development services that will refine the total user experience of your site visitors.


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