Best Ways to Find Employees for Hard to fill Positions
Best Ways to Find Employees for Hard to Fill Positions

No matter which type of company your recruit for, there are some job roles that are tough to fill. It can be a position that is difficult to retain for once you fill it or it might be a position you may not be getting relevant job applications/experience for. In this article, we list down the best ways to find employees for hard to fill positions.

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Best Ways to Find Employees for Hard to Fill Positions

Letting your top performing employee go is the hardest thing to do. This imposes a huge challenge on your human resource team to find a similar talent. While it is always best to apply the employee retention strategies to retain your existing employee, sometimes it is not possible to do so.

7 Best Tips to Fill Your Hard to Fill Positions

In a rapidly changing world, your recruitment strategies also have to change (enhance) accordingly to attract top quality candidates for the hard to fill posts. Let’s take a look at the recruitment ideas for hard to fill positions.

Create a gripping job descriptionFILL POSITIONS WITH GOOD JOB DESCRIPTION

A good hiring starts with attracting candidates to your company. How to do it? Through a compelling job description! Creating a good job description is an art – your job description should be crisp, clear, accurate and aligned with your expectations. Your job description should highlight the benefits of working for your company.

Encourage Employee Referrals

A lot of times, companies already have a team of employees with well-established networks for talent sourcing. And contacting the references of your own employees who know the in and out of your work expectations and requirement will most likely yield positive results. Many candidates are excited about joining a company where they’ll already know somebody.

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Identify similar skill sets in the different industry

The best way to find the right (top) talent is to not limit your search to a specific industry. Look for candidates in other industries that have a similar skillset. Employee referrals can also be a great way to hire for hard-to-fill positions. Sometimes, interim/temporary/part-time employees can also be a great choice for difficult to fill roles.

Treat candidates well

Wondering how to attract candidates in recruitment for difficult to fill job roles? By treating the candidates well. Recruiters should send complete and clear interview venue address to the candidates. Whether selected or not, message/call them to inform. Don’t keep them hanging. Even if they could not clear the interview, your job is to make them feel respected. This helps build long-term loyalty.

Be active in industry-specific communities

Candidates take interest in reading and participating in industry-specific discussions on the internet. They join those conversations either to get answers to their queries or look for a job. When you join these type of relevant discussions, you are actively engaging potential candidates. Look for industry-specific discussions and forums for careers and recruitment, and be active in it.

Offer a competitive package

You don’t always have to go beyond your budget to hire a candidate. There are other non-monetary ways to excite a person to join you. Firstly, research about the salaries and perks offered by your competitors for similar positions. In case if they are offering beyond your budget, think what alternatives can you offer? Maybe you can offer them more paid leaves (not extraordinarily high, though) or work from home opportunities. You may even ask your young workforce for ideas – or what really would attract them to apply for a job position.

Provide flexibility

According to Forbes, 68% of millennials say their interest in a prospective employer would surge if they could work from home. You can offer prospective hires off-site working options. Just ensure you involve them in every important discussion or take their views on critical points to make them feel a part of your company. Young candidates love work from home or remote working options more.

These are just a few recruiting tips for hard to fill positions. Remember to try a mix of traditional recruitment techniques with modern hiring strategies like sourcing through online communities or offering flexible work options.

If you have suggestions for the best ways to find employees for hard to fill positions do share them in the comments below.

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