Cybersecurity staffing is critical to any organization’s security posture. However, staffing for cyber security positions can be challenging, with recruitment challenges and staffing pain points that can slow the hiring process and leave organizations vulnerable to cyber threats.

In this article, we will discuss nine pain points of cyber security staffing:

9 pain points of Cyber Security Staffing | Infojini Blog Creative

We will also discuss how Infojini’s cutting-edge technology and tailored solutions can help address these challenges.


Talent Shortage

The cybersecurity industry is experiencing a significant talent shortage, with over 500,000 open cybersecurity jobs in the US alone in 2021. This means that organizations compete for a limited pool of qualified candidates, challenging recruitment.

(ISC)2 2022 workforce study found that there is still a need for more than 3.4 million security professionals, an increase of over 26% from 2021’s numbers. 

Skillset Mismatch

Not all candidates possess the necessary skills and experience to fulfill an organization’s specific needs. A cyber security professional who excels in one area may need to be more experienced in another, making it challenging to find the right fit.

Compliance Requirements

Compliance requirements constantly evolve, making it challenging for organizations to stay updated with the latest regulations. Hiring individuals with the necessary expertise to ensure compliance and mitigate risk can make it difficult.


Security Clearance Requirements

Many organizations require security clearance for cyber security positions, which can limit the pool of eligible candidates and make the recruitment process more challenging.


Budget Constraints

The high demand for cyber security professionals has driven up salaries, making it difficult for organizations with budget constraints to attract and retain top talent.

High Turnover Rates

The cyber security industry has a high turnover rate. Professionals in this domain are in high demand and may be lured away by higher salaries or more enticing job offers, making it challenging for organizations to retain top talent.

Lack of Diversity

The cyber security industry lacks diversity, with men making up most of the workforce. This can make it challenging for organizations to build a diverse team that reflects the broader community.

Limited Hiring Resources

Smaller organizations may not have enough resources to dedicate to recruitment, making it challenging to find suitable candidates for cyber security positions.

Cybersecurity Skills Gap

The skills gap in the cybersecurity industry is widening, with more than 60% of organizations reporting a shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals. Organizations struggle to find individuals with the necessary skills to protect their networks and data.

Role of Infojini to solve these challenges

At Infojini, we understand the challenges of cybersecurity staffing and have developed tailored solutions to help organizations overcome these pain points. Our AI-based platforms and cutting-edge technology enable us to identify and attract top information security talent worldwide.


We work with our clients to learn their needs and develop customized recruitment strategies to find the right fit for their organization. Our extensive screening and interviewing processes ensure that candidates have the necessary skills and experience to fulfill the specific needs of our clients.

In addition, we stay current with the latest compliance regulations and security clearance requirements to ensure that our clients are protected and compliant. Our team also works to build diverse teams that bring various perspectives to the table.


With Infojini, organizations can save time and resources by outsourcing their cyber security staffing needs. To ensure a seamless hiring process, we provide end-to-end staffing solutions, from initial candidate screening to onboarding.



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In conclusion, cyber security staffing is not without its challenges. Still, with Infojini’s tailored solutions and cutting-edge technology, organizations can overcome these pain points and build a strong, effective cybersecurity team. 

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