‘Video’ is the next big thing! According to Cisco in its study Visual Networking Index, Internet video will account for 79% global Internet traffic by 2020. That’s true! Do you go a week, or a day without watching a video while scrolling up and down on Facebook, Twitter or your favorite social media platforms? Each day you’ll see at least four videos in your social media feed, and that’s growing profoundly.

This trend is exactly why we as an IT staffing firm had a question – Is Video Resume the Future of Recruitment?

Video is the buzziest buzzword in most industries, and more so in the HR realm. As reported by Recruiting in Motion, in the 2007 Video Resume survey released by career publisher, Vault Inc., 89 per cent of employers revealed they would watch a video resume if it was submitted to them. The survey recorded total 309 responses from employers in various industries across the United States.

Before we get into discussing the future of recruitment, let us first understand what exactly is Video Resume.

What is A Video Resume?

A Video Resume is a micro personal advertisement that cover candidate’s skills and experience, concisely. Despite being a crisp snapshot of a conventional resume, they are time consuming to create.

Future of Recruitment Lie in Video Resumes?
Future of Recruitment Lie in Video Resumes?

Are Video Resumes a Good Choice for the Employers?

Why would an employer choose to watch a video resume over reading a resume? Because employers get an instant overall impression of a candidate when they get to see the candidate. Moreover, for a company hiring is not just about person’s skills, experience and qualification – it is about the kind of person who’ll fit your work culture, which again cannot be judged through a written CV. Digital resume surely saves a lot of time and effort; instead of skimming through heaps of papers trying to find the right match, you can look at an E-resume to get the overall personality of a candidate. However, an employer need to specify the video duration and what should it include beforehand.

What are the Limitation of Video Resumes?

We don’t say, every employer would want to get applications in the form of video resumes. Because this form of resume is new and lack of structure or standardization in the format would mean a candidate speaking for more than 15 minutes at a stretch.

Another thing is video resumes are potentially unethical type of recruitment. An employer cannot only accept video resumes, it’s against human rights and employment rights. This form of recruitment may lead to biases and discrimination.

Recruiters must understand that video resumes shouldn’t be the only factor in selecting a candidate.

While in some industries like entertainment or creative, video resumes is being used from some time, there are several corporate employers who still prefer traditional resumes.

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