Tricks are far more important than goodies this year, and the job market is in a dreadful state for recruiters!

Here are six of HR’s nightmares to get you in the Halloween spirit.


Exceeded the compensation limit. “Offering to buy” is almost a given nowadays, just mentioning that the candidate is trying to delay entry. It can be a horrifying experience for recruiters. Leaving great talent can be pretty expressive.

A narrative of offers, commitment efforts, and counteroffers creeps in. It sounds simple, but it requires careful manipulation as it depends on the staff’s experience. This is really, given that 80% of people leave within 6 months of accepting a counteroffer, lengthy negotiations, and wasted spending and waiting time.


 “Ghosts” are no longer fiction! Have you ever witnessed a pre-interview candidate disappear without notice? Worse, just before the start date! You are not alone. Ghost has become popular with job seekers during the past year. According to Indeed, in 2021, 28% of candidates will ghost recruiters, a 9% increase from 2019.

Now you know why “trust” is declining in value. Many people still have practical reasons for the ghosting culture. Some claim it’s to avoid hassles with employers, while others claim it’s a quiet way out of the long, drawn-out application process.

The list doesn’t end there…but it’s scary for recruiters.


A remote or hybrid work culture is required. According to Forbes, remote workers feel up to 182% less engaged than those who work face-to-face. HR departments are already looking to increase employee engagement, and a remote work culture simply makes that much more difficult. A lack of it sends shivers down an employer’s spine.

According to Indeed research, a staggering 45% of new graduates expect salaries well above industry standards. Candidates have unrealistic salary expectations, unrealistic responsibility expectations, and the list goes on. Under pressure to attract talent, recruiters sometimes paint “wacky wish-granting witches” who may promise that everything is accurate. They blatantly declare their inability to be flexible with long-term job expectations, leaving employers a big mystery!

Just like “runaway bride,” there is a “runaway” candidate. 

Top talent has to wait up to 90 days to receive a cancellation. But when a candidate writes “just her one-line regret email” on Day 91, it can be a disaster for recruiters. Unprofessional and unsympathetic, to say the least. But the pain is excruciating, the time lost is irreparable, and the raging fires of a hiring manager can burn your soul in minutes.


In the tedious routine of resume screening, you sometimes seem to hit the jackpot. A resume so impressive that you immediately pick up the phone and set up a meeting. Disappointing!

Just kidding! 78% of his candidates openly lied on their resumes, according to a reference-checking company survey. Some of the most common lies include learning a skill you rarely use, getting a degree from a reputable college instead of where you went, and claiming you’ve achieved something you still need to do…

That’s not all; HR experts say 69% of his employers find it complex finding workers with the right skills to fill their positions in 2021. The fear of employees leaving too early is still a reality today.

HR departments must find ways to mitigate these troubling trends for better days efficiently.

For other recruiters, your treat may be more and your trick less. 

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