If your technology firm is still counting on traditional referral programs for diversity staffing then you might be hindering your recruiting efforts. Why? Because people tend to refer people from their own community which means that inviting traditional referrals can actually amplify your diversity hiring problem. The point is that traditional referral programs need to be supercharged if they have to work for diversity recruitment and one of the best ways to do so is by using targeted referral platforms.

What are Targeted Referral Platforms?

Targeted referral platforms are recruiting solutions tailored for diverse hiring needs. These platforms have a significant base of users who belong to different communities, all users segmented according to their location and skill-set. Integrated with databases of local talent communities, diversity job boards, and different minority associations, these platforms provide diverse candidate outreach for your referral campaigns.

By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and analytics they show your requirements to the right users at the right time on the right channels. For each successful referral, the user lands up with a decent incentive based on the role and assignment duration, earning extra incentives for diverse referrals. Offering real-time customizations based on user-interest (content copy, image, call to action etc.), these platforms take the guess-work out of your diversity recruitment initiatives.

How Targeted Referral Platforms Can Help in Diversity Staffing?


These are some of the ways in which targeted referral platforms can help you recruit a diverse workforce:

1) Using Data to Target the Right Candidates

Some of the best diversity referral platforms like TalentDome (more than 90,000 users) attune your campaigns based on user behavior and actions. These platforms follow a different talent acquisition approach for diverse segments. Using data on user behavior, they can suggest which ad copy to use, which social media platforms to target, best times to send email campaigns, and much more.

2) Real-time Customizations Based on Results

Based on real-time results, these platforms can not only change your campaign specifics but also adjust your budget accordingly. Which means that if the email campaigns are performing better than social media outreach, then maximum budget would be diverted towards email marketing.

3) Incentives for Diverse Referrals

By offering extra incentives for candidates from under-represented communities, these platforms encourage the users to look beyond their traditional networks.

4) Integration with Minority Associations & Job Boards

Some of these diversity referral platforms are connected to the databases of different minority associations and diversity job boards. So every time you post a requirement it gets broadcasted to different associations, amplifying your outreach multiple times.

5) Boolean Search Strings

Most of these platforms allow the clients to use Boolean search strings to target candidates on different mediums. For instance, you may want to show your ad to veterans associations in Michigan as well as local meet-ups in the surrounding area. All you have to do is enter your sourcing criteria, define the search area, allocate a budget, and you are good to go.

Artificial intelligence, if used properly can supercharge your referral programs for diversity hiring. By integrating all recruitment marketing channels and using sophisticated technology, targeted referral platforms can uncover valuable insights about which users to target, campaigns to run, and best channels for conversions.

Looking to Recruit a Diverse Workforce?


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