Enhancing Customer Experience with Mobile Apps
Enhancing Customer Experience with Mobile Apps

Wondering which is the best way to get more customers and retain the best ones? By improving customer experience with mobile apps!

The importance of today’s mobile applications can be safely compared to the websites back in 2005.  As per a report shared by a website, consumers spend 90% of their time in mobile applications when compared to mobile websites. Hence, businesses are investing heavily in developing mobile applications to enhance their returns.

But this is just one side of the story. The other side reveals something which can give businesses a chill. According to a report shared by the Search Engine Giant, Google, 25% of installed apps are never used, and 26% are deserted after first use.

But why this behavior? The answer could differ from user to user, however, some of the common problems include: poor user experience, too many ads, mediocre performance, wrong/misleading content or they don’t find it worth using.

While every business goes through similar or other problems, the real success lies in finding a solution and moving forward. To get it right, here are a few ways to improve customer satisfaction with a mobile app.  

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Tips to Refine Customer Experience with Mobile Apps

For any mobile application development to be successful, it needs to have a proper planning and execution. The app shouldn’t send too many notifications at once, it should have many ads and it should be properly designed keeping the end user in mind. Here are the tips to start the process.

Begin the journey

Moving with an idea that is not properly planned may land you in trouble. Before you decide to go ahead, make sure you have gone through all its workable effects in near future or in the long run. After the research and analysis, jump to the planning stage. The reason why you should do your study is to use the gathered information (facts & figures) to use it while creating your app which matches user expectations.

Start planning

At this point, you need to use the knowledge you’ve accumulated from your research and analysis. You also need to study your competitors so as to offer more than them. Know what features they are not offering, and try to provide that in your mobile app. Simultaneously, you should also look for a good mobile app development company. Let us tell you that it is not as easy as you think to spot the best firm for your work. The list is long; you need to choose the one that has vast experience in multiple domains. Additionally, the company should have a team who are passionate about your work.

Go for design and development

Your actual work starts once you find a good development firm. You must discuss the entire with the company. Also, share with them your idea and what gap you wish to fill with this app. Based on your discussion the team will come up with a wireframe for your application. Once done with the wireframing, they will look into other important aspects of the development taking into consideration your target audience. This is the most important part because the success of your app will depend on this, as this in future will create a better UI, and ultimately a better UX.  

Plan your app marketing

Marketing of a mobile app is basically segregated into two stages:  pre-launch and post-launch. You should start making your presence felt in social media by marketing on the popular social media platforms. For instance, share a story about a couple of your features, share a few screenshots or sample videos of your application. Basically, you need to create a buzz about your product in the market. For the post-launch stage, you need to follow all of the above steps, adding more news ways of frequent interaction.

Actual work begins

Once your app is ready and marketing is on track, don’t think your work is over. This is where it actually starts. The mobile app world is too huge to even imagine, so you need something different every day to stand out in the crowd. Reply to every user review in the least possible time, solve their queries quickly, make it easy for them to use your app by sharing a product demo, keep on adding new and interactive features to make your app more interesting and likable.

It is important for you to ask the development company to keep you in the loop at each stage and talk about future steps. This ensures you both are on the same page, and the scope of errors will be relatively lesser.

Improving customer experience with mobile apps might be difficult initially, but as soon as you are into it, it will become easy and interesting. All you need to have is proper planning and an excellent mobile app development firm by your side.

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