Social media platforms and mobile apps are a big part of our lives now. Over 2 billion people worldwide use Facebook every single day. Here, we will discuss tips on how to make a new mobile application social media friendly. Not just that, we would also cover aspects that you need to consider while updating an existing app interface to design it for social change.

For New Mobile Application Development

If you are developing a new mobile application, you have the freedom to incorporate the social element in each stage of development. You can incorporate the social features in an application development model that consists of the following steps:

Idea for an Innovative Application

You need to have a clear and innovative idea before developing an application. It is wise to choose the road not taken and try a new application once in a while. However, it is not always necessary to develop a completely innovative application. You can also create a new way to do an existing task in a simplified, user-friendly manner. You need to take the social integration facto into consideration from the very first step of development.

Design Principles for Mobile Application Development
Design Principles for Mobile Application Development

Focussing on the User’s Demands

Consider all the different popular social media platforms that are relevant to your application. For example, Facebook might be relevant to a gaming application, however, LinkedIn does not share the relevance. Other important social media applications that you can integrate include Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Google+, etc.

Defining the Functional Parameters

It is critical to define all the functional parameters in the most accessible way. This way, you can ensure that no critical social media integration possibility left undiscovered by the user.

Develop Source Code

You have the edge of integrating the social media plugin right into the source code of the application to enable an optimized usage. When you do so, your application will rise higher and higher in the usability statistics of the chart of the dedicated app store.

Designing the UX and UI

Developing a good UX and UI will allow you to make all the social media plugins accessible. It is a good idea to follow all the basic principles of design to have an intuitive application that potential users appreciate. Following the basic design principles of SCD (Social Centred Design) will also give you an edge over the competition.

Launching the Final Application

You can easily market your application from a social perspective by incorporating how these features enhance the user experience while launching the final application.

For Modification of Existing Application Interface

You can follow these tips if you plan on integrating the social media add-ons in your existing application.

Define Clear Boundaries

You want to make sure that the existing popular infrastructure of your application does not suffer damage while modifying it. Therefore, you should make a conscious effort to define clear

Roll it Out as a Beta Update

Rolling out the social media integration will help you assess the user’s reaction to it. It will also help you modify the changes at early stages.

Start off with 1-2 Social Media Applications

You do not need to integrate all the social media applications right off the bat. You can start slow by integrating 1-2 applications in the beginning.

It is critical for every application developer to integrate one or more social media plugins into a new application. Implementing a design for social change helps you in increasing its popularity as well as customer acquisition rates.

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