Most companies would agree that good employees are the most valuable asset for every organization. However, hiring top talent is a daunting task, especially for niche profile. It takes sheer amount of time, energy and focus to tap the right candidate to fit into the open position. But employees taking an exit from your company is a dreadful sight. It is equally tough to look for another resource with exactly the same skills and talent.

What to do? What is that can keep them going? Salary, retirement plans and vacation benefits? Yes, to a large extent! But these are not enough to keep them in your office for long. Job satisfaction will only do the magic. So you need to work on it. How?

Here are few staff retention strategies you can use to preserve your precious resource for long.

How to Retain Employees?

  • Sense of security – Respect your employees; don’t make them feel as an expense. Greet them by their name. This was let them know that you know who they are and what they do. Let them set their own goals. You should take suggestions and recommendations from your employees, this will make them feel important.
  • Setting goals and expectations right – Ensure your employees know what is expected from them; set the expectations right since beginning. Whatever changes you plan to make, ensure you communicate it clearly to your top talent. This will give them correct work direction.

    How to Retain your Top Talent?
    How to Retain your Top Talent?
  • Open door policy – Don’t hesitate in giving feedback – that’s required to help your employees improve their performance. But, at the same time also be willing to listen to your employees concerns. Call for non-work related meetings to exchange social greetings but don’t end up discussing work. Have open discussion, accept suggestions for problem-solving. Be attentive to your employee’s needs and ideas. Be ready and available to help and guide them. In a nutshell, create an environment, where your employees can communicate with you freely.
  • Learning Opportunity – Allot quality work to your top talent, which is challenging and stimulating. Know their strengths and liking and try to allot them projects they can enjoy working on. If required, give them company sponsored training. Let them know what career development plans you have for them.
  • Reward  good work – In order to retain top talent you must make them feel respected and appreciated. Also, those words of appreciation should be genuine and not platitudes. Make them realize the importance of their contribution to the business. Research shows that an undervalued and unappreciated employee is most likely to look for job change.

Now that you know the top ways to retain employees, start practising it from today. If you already have a proper staff retention plan, make sure you tweak it bit here and there to move with the trend.

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