The need for mainstream engineering and corporate specialists is reducing due to the advancement in the field of automation. Experts predict that by 2030 nearly all major industries will resort to automation. About 90% of corporate and technical jobs now require the knowledge of using computers. In the present day job market, creative areas like online marketing, web development, and content management are amongst the very few areas not affected by the lean period in business.

Digital experience design is one such creative field that incorporates creativity while using computer technology for easing off many manual tasks and thus enriching the user experience. Before we talk more about it, it is crucial to understand what digital experience design means in layman terms.

Digital Experience Design – Meaning

In simple words, digital experience design is a field directed towards creating an optimized and aesthetically appealing system of communication between man and machine. The use of digital experience design is practically limitless. People often use it as an important means of development and analysis in automotive, aerospace, production as well as other industrial sectors.

Components of Digital Experience Design

The digital experience design is mainly classified into two different sub domains, namely UI design and UX design.

  • UI Design: UI stands for User Interface. The UI part of digital experience design focuses on creating a smooth workflow environment for the user to access the system. You can create an application that can do a task as simple as taking notes and still mess it up if you are not familiar with the UI design for the application. We classify UI design into two different classes.

    Digital Experience Design Trend, Explained!
    Digital Experience Design Trend, Explained!
  • Back-end Application Development: When you access an application or website, you see only a limited part of the application mainly related to the UX of the application. However, it takes up a lot of processing/calculations/algorithms to run the application smoothly. The back-end development forms an organized platform for creating an optimized workflow environment for the user.
  • Front-end Application Development: The front-end application development essentially takes care of how you display the information on the application interface. The primary purpose of front-end development is to incorporate numerous features on a strong backbone of background processes.

The UI forms an essential part of the experience design process since it controls the functionality as well as operating conditions for the application. A good UI designer will always make room for further updates in an application during the digital experience design process. Such an interface requires a negligible explanation on how to use the application properly.

UX Design

Implementation of a good application development process requires a deeper understanding of the digital experience design. Your application’s success depends on its aesthetic appeal and ease of usage.

UX design undertakes the development of the application aesthetics during the digital experience design of an application. UX stands for User Experience design. A UX design controls how the users will see the application. All the major graphical elements such as logo, colors, text arrangement and pictures for an application are designed during the UX design.

Future of Digital Experience Design

As we already know, VR (Virtual Reality) is the next big trend in the computing industry. The knowledge of digital experience design plays a crucial role in developing a virtual reality interface for the user.

Since we aim to remove the barriers between the real and virtual worlds using the concept of virtual reality, we are focusing on making the entire process of virtual interaction more intuitive than ever before. The future seems bright for individuals with great UX/UI design skills as well as engineers who are pursuing their education in visual communication technologies.

If you want to find out more about new technological innovations and how UX can help your business grow, then please do get in touch – we would love to share our experience and expertise with you.

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