Staffing agencies continue to grow in popularity, but there are still several myths about their existence and recruitment style. A lot of candidates looking for a job have questions in their mind – how do staffing agencies work for employees? Should I used a staffing firm to find a job? Do employment agencies really help?

We’ve listed down 5 common myths about getting a job through a staffing firm.

Myth # 1 – Staffing agency offer low-paying and low-grade job opportunities

Reality: Staffing companies offer candidates the opportunities from administrative positions to CEOs. They provide jobs and salary depending upon your experience and level. It is up to the candidate how to use the opportunity so that you can take your career to the next level.

Myth # 2 – I will have to pay to the employment agency for a job

Reality: Staffing agencies are hired by companies to help them fill the open positions in their organization. These companies pay staffing firms to hire the best talent for permanent and temporary positions. As a candidate, you don’t have to pay anything for registering with them, or even after being hired by the agency.

Getting a job through a staffing agency - Myths
Getting a job through a staffing firm – Myths

Myth # 3 – Staffing firms only offer temporary jobs

Reality: Not true! While many positions offered by staffing agencies are temporary, a significant portion of these positions gets converted into full-time employment soon. Sometimes the employer is so impressed by the candidate’s position that they hire them for full-time. Also, these agencies are hired by several big companies to fill their niche and permanent positions. So, discard this misconception from your mind.

Myth # 4 – Staffing agencies don’t care about job satisfaction

Reality: Let’s face it – it may see true with some firms, but there are several agencies that care about employee’s satisfaction and career growth. Candidates often ignore the help these recruiters provide by guiding them to approach an interview, be available to answer their queries help them with research and role-play interview scenarios etc. Of course, all these depends on the agency you choose. Only the best staffing agency will help you with these services.

Myth # 5 – Employment through staffing agency does not offer benefits

Reality: This doesn’t depends on the agency, it depends on the company you are working with. If the company you are employed with provides extra benefits other than the salary to its employee, you’ll also be eligible for the same. Many companies offer health insurance, good number of leaves and retirement benefits.

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