The best of mobile apps fail post-launch in spite of innovative features, user-friendly interface and great marketing campaigns. One of the primary reasons is lack of updates, absence of timely maintenance, delayed solutions for issues that users face and a lax attitude to changing user preferences. Creating robust and innovative applications is certainly the base for their success. However, you need a dedicated team which can increase the effectiveness of the application with regular maintenance by rolling out critical and timely updates.

Top 5 benefits Mobile Application Maintenance & Support For Your Business

    1. Effective Use of Statistics: It is crucial for a developer to take care of the usage statistics for an application. Revisiting the app usage statistics will help you gain a fresh perspective which is necessary to handle app uninstalls. If you want to retain customers as well as acquire new ones at a fast pace, you need to give these statistics enough weightage from time to time. The most popular applications like WhatsApp feature a small uninstallation rate of under 10%. However, when we consider the fact that WhatsApp is used by over a billion people, we come to the conclusion that it loses over a million customers each year. Regular maintenance will allow you to minimize a high rate of app uninstalls. Maintenance and upgrades indicate that you are aware of the needs of your customers and wish to serve them better.

      Advantages of Mobile App Maintenance and Support to Businesses
      Advantages of Mobile App Maintenance and Support to Businesses
    2. Timely Resolution to New Problems: When you are revisiting the app usage statistics, you also need to take a look at the valuable comments made by the users. This will give you an insight into what pleases your customers and what features you can add. The critical benefit of mobile app maintenance is that it will help you address the problems faced by the customers with a quick resolution. The app support team acts as a means to roll out faster and effective bug fixes for a large audience base.
    3. Enhanced Security: Cybersecurity should be a major concern for your application interface in case it deals with the sensitive data of users. Regular mobile app maintenance and support allows you to roll out critical security patches to prevent data theft. This support seals all the loopholes in the source code that might have been accessed by hackers otherwise.
    4. Constant Upgrades and Optimized Interface: Your application needs to evolve constantly in order to truly outperform the growing competition. It also needs to stay up to date with the needs of the latest smartphone features too. The best way you can add extra useful functionality to the application is by maintaining its interface. For example, the developers of almost all the popular applications have already rolled out an update to the iOS versions of their apps that make use of the full 5.8-inch display on the new iPhone X.
    5. Positive Impact on the Business Image: Every change in the app and each single upgrade impacts its performance. When you do improvements in the app and users benefit from the same, they would consider the company responsive. As an advantage of mobile app maintenance, your business gets to maintain a strong bond with the users and fosters healthy relationships with the users of the app.

Ignoring application updates and maintenance can create a havoc for your business and would impact the installation rate negatively. Make sure that you lay emphasis on providing enough support to your app to stay afloat in this tough competitive environment.

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