Mobile phones have become the first choice for accessing the internet for millions of people. According to a survey, the number of smartphone users is set to cross the two billion mark by 2017. Online shopping statistics from e-retailers tell us that smartphones are driving their web-traffic like never before, and app-based shopping trends are picking up steadily. Businesses are keen on optimizing their web page design to work effectively on the desktop as well as any mobile browser.

The Reason behind Surge in Growth of Smartphone Internet Users

  • Smartphones allow you to access emails, social media, shopping websites, and gaming apps anywhere and anytime of the day
  • Smartphones have integrated with everyday requirements such as commuting, bill payments, and scheduling. It is natural that we use them for other functions as well
  • Mobile companies have successfully launched high-end smartphones and tablets with a variety of features at extremely reduced prices. People who were deprived of the benefits of the internet because of the unaffordability of PCs, laptop and desktop have now joined the internet users club, courtesy mobile phones

Of course, this surge in mobile use does not mean the absolute end of the desktop and laptop era. These devices are here to say because when you want to create a website, and work on Android app development, you do need bigger high resolution screen and high-end functionalities (though that might change soon, as developers predict).

Increasing Trends of Mobile Use V/S Desktop Use
Increasing Trends of Mobile Use V/S Desktop Use

So What Should E-commerce And Marketing Specialists do?

An increasing number of web design companies advise their clients to go for responsive web design that adjusts itself according to the device that is being used to access it. These responsive websites can detect the nature of the gadget/device, estimate the specifications of the screen and resolution, and quickly optimize the website specifications to work perfectly on the mobile/tablet/desktop browser.

This option is more economical than developing a separate website for mobile or tab browsers because working on two different websites of different format can be little difficult. Imagine the content and graphics will also have to optimize according to the format and the traffic would be split and ranking would suffer.

Should You Make An App Right Away?

Yes, apps are economically viable and are a great option to host your website or a bunch of features of it on a smartphone platform. Apps are hosted on central servers from which data is retrieved by the user’s phone app. They can be assembled like a widget in case of basic apps or you can contract the services of a specialized developer for Android app development for your new web launch. Almost all the internet based merchants and gaming websites have an app version of their basic services. Apps can be offered free of cost and use the internet data of the user provided by the telecom operator.

Web design companies have expanded their portfolios to offer app-based web services to their clients because they know where the traffic is coming from and the future trend is certainly headed in that direction.

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