Application testing is a vital process in the mobile application development workflow. You want to make sure that you test the application thoroughly especially when it deals with sensitive information of your clients. Testing is a basic requirement for having a successful mobile app and automated application testing can yield great results.

You need to automate the application testing process rather than go for a conventional regression, manual or exploratory testing process for the following reasons.

Speeds Up the Testing Process

The automated testing process is highly efficient and can speed up the overall mobile application development experience. You can save a lot of funds by reducing the testing phase expenses in an application development process. It can finish the testing process in a fraction of the time taken up by the conventional manual process.

Considers Various Testing Scenarios/Types

The key benefit of automated testing process lies in the fact that it can consider various testing scenarios effectively in a short span of time. This process is often the culmination of various testing methods like regression, exploratory testing, API testing as well as data-driven testing. The automated testing software can also check for the most common loopholes and mistakes made by the developers during the testing process.

Importance of Automated Testing for Mobile App Success
Importance of Automated Testing for Mobile App Success

The process is designed to check the application on various devices, internet connection speeds, as well as platforms. For example, the best automated testing facilities can check the application safety for both Android as well as iOS devices. Since you can upgrade the facility, you can add more and more devices for compatibility testing with minimal effort.

The quality of the product is improved by a significant amount when a high-level automated testing facility checks for various flaws in the application.

Provides a Cost-Effective Solution in the Long Run

The initial cost of setting up an automated testing facility is often higher than hiring dedicated application testing personnel. However, if your company churns out a significant number of applications every year, you might want to opt for this facility since it offers a better ROI in the long run.

Unlike in the case of a conventional testing process, you do not need to keep an ethical hacker, or tester on a payroll for testing applications for you.

Provide a Platform for Comprehensive Report Formation and Ticket Generation

It is difficult to organize a large number of tickets and errors in an application source code when you do not follow a systematic approach. The automated testing process will help you generate a well-organized ticket counter for all the errors in your application. This will help you keep a track of all the modifications that you need to make in the application in order.

Potential for Extended Scalability and Usability

A high-quality automated testing facility provides a nearly endless potential for extended scalability. Over a period of time, you can add essential components to your automated testing facility to help it detect errors into the deeper layers of the application source code.

What Devices Should I Purchase for Automated Testing?

Possibly one of the biggest challenges to undertaking comprehensive application testing is the budget involved in acquiring multiple devices and maintaining it (not an obstacle in case you have big budget and huge team).  Therefore, a cloud-based app testing  is recommended.

A device cloud allows you to create an automated test suite,  then set up the execution of those tests against installations of your application on a collection of devices with different platforms, devices, and versions.

The next-gen automated testing for mobile application provides you with a faster, more reliable, as well as effective means of testing. The rise in competition and potential cyber threats on the internet calls for an imminent need in the increased levels of testing followed by the application developers.

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