Enterprises across the globe are investing heavily in business applications for purposes ranging from customer engagement and enhanced workplace productivity to branding, marketing, and promotion. Totally aware of the fact that app development is critical for business growth; entrepreneurs now recognize the benefits of involving cloud in the entire process.

Cloud application hosting is, therefore, a well-thought decision and its outcomes are evident as reported time and again by the real business owners. Let’s refer to all these benefits and understand them as reasons for why you need to jump on the bandwagon.

Cloud Computing is Stronger than Ever

Cloud adoption by enterprises has increased from 63 to 77 % for private clouds and from 58 to 71 % for hybrid clouds in 2016. Why? Application development experts are extracting the major benefits out of cloud computing at every stage from development to testing to monitoring. Additional aspects like web analytics and integration of payment gateways are easier to perform on the cloud. Cloud hosting streamlines each of these tasks from the very first thought of having a business app.

Performance Reliability

Applications are uninterruptedly available when running on the cloud for being able to survive any kind of server failure issues. How? A network of servers is always available to supply required resources even if the server being used goes down. It means almost negligible downtime for apps hosted on cloud.

Reasons to Host Your Next Application on Cloud
15 Reasons to Host Your Next Application on Cloud

Art of Scalability

Inherently flexible, cloud never ceases to entertain sudden demands for more resources and allow automatic scalability. It means that all anticipated and unanticipated bursts of traffic and spikes in app usage would be met with high responsiveness and without hampering the performance. Scalability is literally infinite you can say!    

Utility-style Cost Saving

Cloud computing is as simple as consumption of utilities like electricity and cooking gas. You need to pay for what you actually use. But that’s not all as app development and hosting on cloud catalyze cost saving in many more ways:

  • No need to spend on infrastructure for an in-house server and data centre
  • No need to hire IT teams or staffs as cloud provider’s staff takes care of technical support and troubleshooting requirements
  • Automatic hardware and software updates reduce the burden of maintaining resources that can be expensive.

Incredible Interoperability

Cloud computing makes everything compatible with everything else. Irrespective of the development skills, programming languages and operating systems of the app development team, cloud ensures that your app runs universally which indeed is impossible with physical server hosting.

Increased Speeds

Applications are not only developed faster on cloud, but also enjoy better running speeds. Moreover, if your app performs well and becomes a hit, you can anytime switch to faster speeds and cloud hosting packages to further enhance its performance.

Better Employee Collaboration

By choosing cloud to host your business app, you actually provide high-degree freedom to your employees to work anytime, from any part of the world and using a variety of devices. With the ease of use and access, employee productivity is bound to escalate.

Another benefit that emerges from this level of collaboration is enhanced control on data and documents. Rather than sending documents to one another, employees share them centrally for all authorized users to access. They even need not worry about file formats to be compatible.

Multi Layered Security

Cloud hosting providers make the development of apps a secure process with sophisticated security measures against threats like viruses and unauthorized access. While virtual security is one thing, physical security at every data centre connected to the cloud adds another security layer to the whole arrangement. Additionally, cloud-based backups make disaster recovery procedures much faster and easier to bring back app hosting to normalcy.

Additional 7 Reasons at a Glance

  • Customization:  Cloud computing, development and hosting services can be customized to meet the needs and budgets of different enterprises.
  • Expert Support: Cloud providers offer technical support round the clock to resolve any issue that may arise.
  • Easy Analysis: Keeping every instance of application usage centralized, cloud hosting allows easy analysis of end-user behavior, sales and marketing and much more.
  • Competitiveness: No matter what the size of your enterprise is, with cloud app hosting you are ready to compete even with the big players.
  • Clutter-free Space: With almost no infrastructure required onsite, you would keep your premises free from cluttering.
  • Growth: When your app becomes successful, cloud hosting allows you to upgrade it easily and in sync with business growth driven by app’s success.
  • Environment-friendly: Opting for cloud over physical servers would make your enterprise much more responsible towards the environment.

If you are convinced by even 5 of the aforementioned reasons of cloud-based app development and hosting, just go for it without any second thought. No wonder if you end up reaping all 15 of them.

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