Digital Collaboration Platform for Parents And Teachers

Web | Mobile Application

The Problem

Client approached Infojini with the requirement of Android and iOS apps that would make it easy for working parents to review their children’s academic progress & go through the daily activity log and attendance.


Our major concern was to ensure that the huge amount of content in the app stayed manageable for the client, and give teachers & parents a comfortable and easy navigation, without compromising on its classiness.

The Challenges

Achieving Real time activity log & attendance system

Making Native app for parents using iOS and Android with simple and interactive designs

Making web responsive input system for teachers compatible with Desktops for all type of browsers and iPads

Separate interactive designs for teachers, parents & admin, as everyone has different type of content to view

The Solution

  • Developing Different Scenarios for a variety of Content
  • Compelling features for User Engagement:
    1. Auto Assign Notifications: With this feature Notifications will be assigned automatically to the parent based on their kid’s last activity log.
    2. Informative Student Dashboard: Help parents to analyze students’ performance and find out their strong as well as weak subjects
    3. Comparing Child's Progress: The parent can compare the child's performance with others of the same age-group
  • Created Responsive web input system for teachers to keep posting about student’s activities so parents can easily track their kids activities.
  • Having super admin to control teachers, assigning roles to them
  • Technologies used: - Express JS, Angular JS, Node JS, PostgreSQL, Native iOS, Native Android