How Staff Augmentation Services Can Solve Your Hiring Problems

When you have a large project appearing ahead, the last thing you need to do is worry about hiring the resources you need to complete it. Opting for staff augmentation services allows you to get the help you need to hire the skilled resources, and makes it easy for you to focus only on the end goals. Reduced recruiting time and cost, operational efficiency, access to a larger talent pool and risk mitigation are some of reasons why a large number of companies rely on augmented staffing to get their work done. Know how Infojini staff augmentation model can help your business grow.

Bridging the Skills Gap in Automotive Hiring 2020

As the automotive industry continues to revolutionize assembly line positions and create operational efficiencies, the automotive landscape has changed considerably in terms of what skill-sets to look for. The rise of computer-controlled machinery and the increasing need to integrate consumer electronics into vehicles now demands that manufacturing professionals possess a combination of tech skills, math aptitude, and research acumen. In this guide we dive deep into the challenges faced by the modern manufacturer and the increasing need for re-skilling & internship programs. This guide also gives insights on the best practices that firms need to follow to hire top automotive talent in 2020.