Park Finder for Nature Lovers

Mobile Application

The Problem

Our client wanted a park finder app which could be installed on both Android and iPhone and a back-end from where parks could be managed. The requirement was to build the app keeping in mind the mobile audience being able to view activities available inside the Park by map view. And user can listen/watch park tour audio/videos.


The app was expected to allow park fans to post the information of the park they’ve visited on the application general wall to let others know what’s going on in the parks nearby. The mobile app should also have report and feedback mechanism for park improvisation.

The Challenges

Creating a CMS that can handle large amount of park data and traffic

Showing park activities in map view

Simple & interactive design

The Solution

  • PostgreSQL Database made the Front-End lightweight
  • Pointed each activity latitude and longitude within the park area by CMS. For iOS used Map kit framework to display activities and google maps for Android.
  • Interactive Components: We used simple but interactive components to make sure that the app functioned seamlessly on iPhone & Android devices and that the difference between the layouts visible was minimal.
  • Technologies used: Sails JS, Node JS, PostgreSQL, Native iOS, Native Android