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Agile Center of Excellence

A platform to share knowledge and experience in Agile Processes and work towards ongoing improvements by collaborating with project teams

Infojini Agile Center of Excellence is focused on continuous improvement in the agile processes and improves the agile maturity of the organization. COE consists of agile coaches who monitor the performance of agile project teams and provide ongoing coaching to the project teams for processes and tool usage.

What We Do?

Forum for Experience Sharing

Project teams share the experience,
project learning as part of cross-project
retrospective meetings. Learnings are
documented and processes are updated

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Support project Teams

COE support project teams for agile
process coaching, metrics identification,
metrics tracking
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Facilitate Training

COE understands the training needs for agile
process and schedules frequent training to
improve the awareness of agile processes

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Tools and Templates

COE shares the tools for sprint management,
QA testing framework, team communication
and provides training for the tools

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Our Values


We encourage collaboration. Our project team interacts with cross functional team members for sharing ideas and to implement the best solution. We communicate with our clients very frequently to review the work done and to work together for meeting the goal.


We are experienced in various technologies and domains like Education and Government. Hence, we have empowered our team to create the best solution which fosters innovation. As part of agile methodology, we conduct retrospective meetings after every iteration where the team discusses the challenges that they faced and share ideas for improvement.


We understand the changing needs of our clients. We work flexibly and adapt changes. Our team is experienced and has the ability to adapt quickly to new conditions. We regularly communicate with customers to identify features that have greatest business value and focus on delivering those features first.

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