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Preparing for college or school tests can be a time consuming process. While there isn’t a substitute for sitting down with a practise test or study guide, tablets and smartphones offer several choices to prepare anytime anywhere. Unlike computers and laptops, mobile apps offer quick and easy assessment on the go.  

Test Taker, a feature-rich assessment platform makes practise easy and quick. The mobile app by StudMonk offers on-the-move test for students with immediate feedback for better engagement and performance enhancement.

Why Test Taker?

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Full-fledged mobile app for teachers to conduct mock test
  • Reduced carbon footprints through app based learning
  • Comprehensible CMS to track & manage tests
  • On-priority customer support services
  • On the go test for students with instant performance feedback
  • Easy mobile phone access
  • Saves time and money, which is otherwise required to manage classroom-based assessment

Test Taker – App Features

Online Test

Includes full length and chapter-wise test for practise


Tag complex questions important problems/questions for future reference


Access comprehensive solution for all the questions in the test for better understanding


Avail the freedom to create your own test any time anywhere


Keep track of your tests taken online or offline in terms of chapters and difficulty level


Get detailed view of the amount of time taken to complete a test and its score

Social Integration

Group study virtually by sharing questions/problems with friends through social channels

Why Infojini

Agile engineering team with Extensive Domain Knowledge

Expert Curriculum Developers

Affordable, flexible and fully-tailored Mobile App Solution