Serving Our Heroes and Their Families

Supporting the military community, veterans, and military spouses transition into the civilian career through our Veteran Transition Program

Translating Military Skills into Civilian Jobs

Strong work commitment, leadership, discipline, attention to detail, and ability to thrive in challenging situations – are just a few of the many skills you bring to the workplace. Our talent experts help you translate these skills to the resume and further into a fulfilling career by thoughtfully evaluating your military experience, identifying career opportunities, conducting skill workshops, connecting you with brands, and preparing you for the job.

Not only that, we also help your partner take this flight with you through our military spouse hiring program. Our recruitment and employment solution help military spouses re-enter the workforce with competitive confidence and skills. We help find roles that match their aspirations and continually train and coach to prepare for a civilian workforce.

Infojini helped us scale our Veteran employment pool to 5 states and they were instrumental in assisting transitioning military personnel to match their profiles and interests to the jobs we offered. It’s been a rewarding journey so far and we will continue working with Infojini to ensure success in this endeavour.

- Sourcing Manager in a Fortune 1000 Manufacturing Company

Initiatives and Alliances

  • Comprehensive In-house Veteran Hiring program led by experienced recruiters & SMEs
  • Alliances with Reboot Veteran Transition Program to help veterans transition to a civilian life
  • Dedicated team that works closely with clients to identify best opportunities for Veterans
  • Emerging Skills Training Program