A/B testing, one of the finest methods of marketing offers strategies to figure out how, and in which ways, online promotional campaigns can help your business. It can also be used for testing everything right from your search ads to promotional emails and website copy.

To create a flawless and seamless website, you need well planned A/B testing strategies deployed. It can make a huge difference in the overall effectiveness of marketing strategies. You can narrow down most of the marketing efforts to make it more successful and profitable.

A/B testing in website development is all about introducing new changes to your business by improving click-through rates and enhancing your landing pages and emails. If you’ve already deployed these methods, you can still make major improvements by bringing in new changes and varieties. Well, A/B testing is the only answer to optimizing your email marketing as well as landing page performance on the World Wide Web.

However, if you are unfamiliar with the strategies involved in A/B testing, these simple steps can learn how to use A/B testing for web development.

Tips for Perfect Web Development
Tips for Perfect Web Development

Selected the Common Elements to be Tested

This is the first key step in A/B testing:

  •         In case of an email, the subject line is one of the most critical elements. Irrespective of marketing campaigns and content, your subject line is the decisive factor – depending on the subject line, your readers would either open or trash your email. Now, you can test various subject line phrasing and see what works well and gets the maximum number of hits. It works!
  •         Another important element for to be tested constantly is the headline. The headline can be a decisive factor in the success of your business landing page. If your subject line was really impressive to get enough subscribers to click on the link and open your email, the headline would become the key to improving click-through rates.
  •         How can you forget call-to-action when you want to improve the quality of your business? You should aim to experiment with varied ways of presenting call-to-action phrases. You can change the words, highlight with colors, resize text, and finally test various places of positioning the phrase in an email, landing page or both.
  •         Customers really expect a lot from you in terms of monetary discounts, cash back offers and much more. So, when you create a website, you should always make it a point to offer promotional campaigns from time to time. However, don’t forget to test your offers too – different offers could have different results.
  •         Layout and overall presentation of your emails and landing page also triggers performance. You can test what your audiences and subscribers prefer and work on it.

Making Positive Changes is the Key

Do you really think your web page has some traffic problem? Well, then you are wrong!

People generally visit websites, click through the pages and leave. So, traffic isn’t the real problem. It is conversion! Generally, the conversion rate is 1 to 3 percent. So, the challenge is to engage the rest of the visitors.

Making simple, subtle and positive changes can make a major difference, also called incremental changes.

So, how can you do it? Well, simply use A/B testing method. For your call-to-action, use two different colored buttons and see which works. However, don’t be hasty, or try to do too many changes at a time. In doing so, you would not be able to find out the real beneficial factor.

Use A/B Testing to Derive the Optimum Time

There’s always an optimal way to do things, even sending out emails. Instead of listening to what others have to say about the time of sending promotional emails, you should focus on your business prospects. For every business, there’s a different time to approach. Depending on business offers and your subscriber base, you can choose an optimal time to engage your target market.

The concept of marketing automation software is very much in use. It is typically used to derive optimal times to send emails based on previous emails opened and activities.

A/B testing can be used to determine the percentage of subscribers opening your promotional email at different times during the day or night. It can be useful to derive the time that triggers higher performance rates, which can be further, used to send emails.

Improve Success Rates by Implementing A/B Testing Methods

What is the current conversion rate? Less than 22%!

Well, it’s possible that because businesses are not running A/B tests properly, they are not able to take proactive measures.

Instead of taking any short-cuts, A/B tests can be used in full-fledged to make sure you can get optimal results. Run A/B tests for a considerable amount of time so that it is possible to calculate the statistical significance of data.

Once results are in your hands and you are ready to work on it, organize your findings properly and proceed. It would make it easier to derive individual solutions, which can be further utilized in the future.

To get started, make sure you are well versed with A/B testing methods and strategies. Your website development depends largely on how well you do it.

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