When considering and interviewing veterans for hire, many hiring managers and recruiters seek the transferrable soft and hard skills these candidates bring to their professional roles. Yet, approximately almost half of all veterans struggle to find work in their desired field. Of all the employers surveyed in the 2018 Veterans Well-being survey, only 17 percent said they viewed veterans as strategic assets.

Veterans can advance your workforce productivity and capabilities with their experience, skills, focus, commitment, and drive. They are battle-tested and trained in top leadership courses and possess a powerful and unique skill set that can add incredible value to the workplace.

We have compiled different skills that you can expect to find in all the ex-military personals. The degrees of proficiency can vary and are based on the professional experience and length of their career.


Veterans learn several aspects of leadership during their time in military service. It is highly possible that they most likely have been in the leading position multiple times or at least have had been in charge of a team. By being at the forefront and leading a team multiple times, they acquire wisdom and develop logic which helps them in making the right decision in their current roles as well. They are expected to motivate, delegate, be accountable, and take complete responsibilities, all the while guiding their subordinates.

Additionally, veterans are trained to work in a team-oriented environment and a hierarchy-based system. This subconsciously conditions them to take logical and all-rounded decisions that are highly beneficial in the corporate world.


Core Values/Work Ethic

Veteran’s time in military service instills them with strong core values and a robust code of ethics. Through years of service, lifestyle, and training, former military personnel typically develop work ethic desired in an ideal employee. Veterans, during their time, also develop a sense of accountability and responsibility that businesses look for. After the initial training and transition phase, they need minimal supervision to complete tasks assigned to them.

Veterans are usually proud, assertive, confident, professional, and honorable in their character. If, as a company or small business, you are looking for a seasoned professional with a solid work ethic, a military-trained talent should receive serious consideration.

Transparent and Cross-functional Communication

Because of the diverse workforce and a robust hierarchical structure in the military, transparent and cross-functional communication is crucial for achieving a clear understanding of responsibilities, expectations, and roles for performance.

Veteran’s experience and high military candor teach them to respectfully represent their views and opinions. This quality is highly appreciable in the corporate environment where transparent and clear communication is required to eliminate any miscommunication which can lead to productivity issues and delays. Also, veterans are often brutally straightforward and honest and have a minimal second-guessing attitude which makes them decisive and resolute.

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

The tactical and operational military environment is often unpredictable, dynamic, and profoundly stressful. Besides, veterans are conditioned to take crucial steps to succeed in the task or mission at hand and ensure the safety of their team. Problem-solving and critical thinking is done by the service members and leaders on the ground. Due to which they are versed in handling tough situations which includes mitigating known and unknown risks in limited time, resources, and supervision.

Tech Savvy

Military service members are extremely well-informed about the latest and most advanced technology around them. They are expected to stay updated with the latest strides in technology to be able to work hand in hand with the ever-changing complex systems. Moreover, this tech-savvy skill set translates well into the corporate world. Being technologically aware allows veterans to learn new technology quickly and keep up with the ever-changing industry.

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