Mobile app security issues are the biggest problem faced by many mobile app development companies. While the growth and popularity of mobile apps are rising with each passing day, it is utmost essential for mobile app developers to take into consideration the security aspect of the app along with the new and enhanced features.

Today, there is an app for nearly everything. The mass usage of apps resulted in data security issues. Now mobile applications are the biggest target of hackers, where they take access of client’s personal details and maliciously use it. Therefore, developers need to take additional precaution while developing an iOS and Android apps.

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Mobile App Security Checklist

In the below article we list down mobile app security best practices to build a secure mobile application.

Secure code

The code is the most vulnerable element in mobile app development project. It can be easily hacked. As per a research report, nearly 11.6 million devices are being affected by malicious code. Therefore, it is utmost important that you write a highly secure code. The best mobile app developers always hard code and follow agile development so they can patch and update the code anytime easily.

Beware of the Mobile App Security Issues
Beware of the Mobile App Security Issues

Data Encryption

The best way to protect your data from attackers is through encryption. It is the ideal way to convert the data transmitting into a form that it becomes difficult for anyone to read the code without decryption. This means even if the hackers steal any of the data, they cannot decrypt it and ultimately that data will be obsolete for them.

Third-party libraries

Generally, the mobile app code needs third-party libraries for the code building. However, the errors or bugs in the libraries can make it easy for the attackers to use this code and steal your private and confidential information.  

Authorized API

Use only authorized API code, always! It is usually recommended to have a central authorization for the entire API to gain maximum security in mobile applications.


Poor authentication is one of the prime vulnerabilities in mobile apps. As a developer and a user authentication should be treated as the vital part of the mobile application security. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a strong password. To make it more secure, you can opt for multi-factor authentication like OTP login or sending authentication code on email. For the additional security, biometrics are recommended.

Tamper detection techniques

To keep your app secure, develop tamper detection techniques for your mobile app. This method is implemented to get alerts when your code is being changed. Typically, you should have a log of code changes of your mobile app so that the hacker doesn’t add malicious code to your application.

Session management

Session management is usually done to maintain the security of the stolen or lost devices. Session handling is the most crucial feature in mobile app development which needs additional precaution as the sessions on mobile are typically longer than on the desktop. There should also be a feature of remote wipe off and log off to safeguard data of lost devices.

Cryptography tools and techniques

It is important to use prime protocols for encryption like AES and SHA256. Always make sure that you don’t store your keys on local devices.


Once any new change is done, it is important to test the application immediately. Mobile app security testing should be done regularly as the security aspects change frequently and you should be updated with it to make sure your application is protected. You should opt for penetration testing and emulators.

Mobile App Security Issues – The Bottom Line

These are some of the best practices one should follow to tackle the security problems and develop a secure application. Today, cybersecurity is the top concern and priority of nearly every business. In the years to come, every business will prefer only secure apps to safeguard their data over the applications.

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