A good employer branding is one of the most fundamental factors in attracting excellent talents and building a competitive edge. That’s why recruitment and retention of quality programmers and developers are often seen as one of the biggest challenges IT companies face nowadays.

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room. “- Jeff Bezos, Founder, and CEO of Amazon.

For IT companies, their product and employees both are of utmost value. They cannot afford to compromise one for the other. But to attract the right IT talent, it’s important to build an employer brand worthy of them.

Therefore, employer branding is crucial for a company’s talent growth.  Employer branding helps you pull the right people towards your brand. According to a report published by LinkedIn, about 80% of talent acquisition managers believe that employer branding plays a significant role in the ability to hire great talent.

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And with the demand for good programmers growing rapidly, sourcing and recruiting great talent has become even more difficult. According to Glassdoor, 8 of the top 25 job openings last year were of tech positions. Furthermore, it usually takes an average of 52 days to fill in an open job position.

Benefits of a Strong Employer Brand

  • Easy recruitment
  • More Resumes and Lower Salary Requests
  • Turnover reduction
  • Less cost-per-hire

An employer branding team can provide you with vital advice on tone, strategy, and style for reaching out to this hard-to-reach audience. This team can help you formulate an attractive strategy that could help recruiters engage with these niche candidates. How to stand out from these extremely competitive crowd and efficiently reach your target audience?

Here’s what we’ve incorporated.

Create Personas of Candidates

This is specifically for all the nascent IT recruiters out there. Take time to craft a custom story or a persona about the hobbies, interests, and topics of the talents you want to approach. This simple exercise will let you identify the thought process of the candidate with whom you’ll be conversing, it helps you create a strategy before reaching out to them.

For instance, how high your energy should be or what you should be talking about your company or plan to go all-in about any project or program. Your understanding of the other side of the story will help you in your approach.

Company Reviews are Important

According to a survey by Jobvite, the second most significant factor determining a candidate’s impression of a job is online research. Usually, people start going through the company reviews on the third-party site from the moment they are offered the desired position.

company review portals

Research by Glassdoor suggests that over 61% of users look for company ratings and reviews before deciding to apply for a job. There are many ways to strategize and ensure a reliable employer brand, such as monitoring your brand name along with the names of the company’s senior-level executives. The most crucial part is to constantly keep an eye on your company profile on third party sites like Glassdoor. Glassdoor has an immense social influence on job aspirants, including programmers.

Target Programmers with Dedicated Ads

The secret is to make creative ads while referencing what developers love and define who they are. You can collaborate with people who are familiar with the specifics of the job. This establishes a relationship early on and makes it more relatable. One such example is the below ad from BML.


Hiring ad


The reason behind its appealing approach is the sense of exclusiveness and belonging it has for programmers. Developers are really into puzzles and challenges and are fond of problem-solving exercises. These types of ads work as a medium to attract their attention. Targeted Ads to programmers like these can establish your organization as tech-savvy and strengthen your employer brand.

Involve Dev Team in the Recruitment Process

The screening process can often be daunting. Sourcing an ideal talent and screening them through the interview process can be both time consuming and stressful. If there’s an event or job fair where tons of potential candidates are gathering, you can bring along your developers to assist the recruiter in the assessment process.

A recruiter may sometimes not have enough information for a conversation around programming languages, machine language, or AI, but your programmer can. You can ensure if they are genuinely interested in finding candidates by asking them to join you in these events. Additionally, this face-to-face setting gives candidates a chance to open more easily compared to the same old linear email with a copy-pasted subject line.

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