Smartphones have eased the life of customers to a greater extent. With mobile users increasing at a rapid pace, the number of people doing online shopping from e-commerce websites has also grown multifold. Businesses are trying to bring their products to the fingertips of the buyers via mobile apps. These days the mobile apps are more popular than the mobile websites and the customer traffic on e-commerce mobile app is growing at a rapid pace.

The e-commerce giants like Amazon, Walmart, etc. are trying to unlock the opportunities available through the mobile app. Many other businesses are paying special attention towards app development. The businesses are trying to create apps that are user-friendly and provide a good shopping experience to customers. The ecommerce industry is slowing heading towards a time where the websites will become obsolete. If any business is ignoring the mobile app, it will not be wrong to say that in long run such businesses will not be able to survive. Thus, not paying attention to the mobile apps can prove fatal to the business.

Let us have a look at few points that suggest why mobile apps are important for ecommerce retailers:

Benefits of Mobile Apps to Businesses:

  • Understanding Markets: The businesses are easily able to understand the markets with mobile apps. They can know which products are more in demand, which product is searched more and which products are most popular among different age groups. The insights of market can be understood by tracking the behavior of customers using the mobile apps. The mobile app can track a customer’s behavior much better than a website.
Mobile Apps for E-commerce
Mobile Apps for E-commerce
  • Customer Loyalty: A happy customer is an asset for the business. The businesses can enhance the customer loyalty and brand image by developing apps that are customer friendly. The customer experience is of utmost importance. The businesses these days make an app that can provide the customers with a hassle free shopping experience.
  • Personalization: These days the businesses are introducing new features in the mobile apps that can understand customers need and give them personalized content. This makes the customers feel important and send a positive message to the customers. The customers feel that the business values their choices and needs. Personalization helps in improving sales; if customers are happy they will use the mobile app more often and purchase products.
  • Easy Payment: Customers who shop through mobile apps can make quick and easy payments for the cart value. The payment gateways are simple and the customer gets a variety of payment option like a debit card, credit card, wallets, etc. The business immediately gets value for the product they sell. This makes the working capital cycle smooth and short.
  • Multiple Orders: A satisfied customer will visit a business mobile app repeatedly. Therefore, it is very important for the app developer to develop an app with a good design. A well-designed app with the right set of features and fluid interface will instantly attract the same customer again. The probability of receiving multiple orders from the same customer grows manifold. Thus, a well-built app has the potential to generate revenue from the same customer in form of repeat purchases.
  • Reach: The mobile app gives the business a wide reach. The mobile users are growing regularly and every mobile user has the potential to be a customer of your ecommerce website. The mobile app can be used when the user does not have a laptop or cannot afford a laptop. A person living in the remotest of areas can use the mobile app and make orders. Thus, with just a single app your business gets access to the large market.
  • Chat Support: A customer often faces issues or has queries while making an order. With the mobile app, the business can provide quick chat support feature where the customer can immediately resolve his query with the customer care. Another popular feature is chat with contacts on phone. Many times a customer is confused while making a purchase. At that time, the quick chat support system helps to have a chat with friends or family members to take shopping decisions. Such interactive features are strength of mobile app and help in connecting the business with its customers.

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