Many companies these days are outsourcing mobile app development projects. The major reason for outsourcing is the involvement of the huge cost and time. A company intending to have an in-house department to develop the app requires highly qualified professionals with app development knowledge. In-house staff for app development often hampers the overall productivity of the organization and it becomes a costly affair too. Therefore, it is always beneficial for organizations to outsource the app development projects.

While outsourcing app development projects, you must keep in mind few things and follow a systematic approach. Infojini shares with you a quick guide on practices that you need to follow for outsourcing app development projects.

Practices for Outsourcing App Development

  • Conduct Your Research: There are many mobile app developers in the market, it is important to select the one that meets your business requirements. Check with app makers the cost of developing an app, the clients served by them, their experience of work, etc. Talk to their previous and current clients to seek their feedback. Ask them about the work performed and what did not go right. All these details will help you in making the selection of outsourcing company.
  • Search for Local Firms: Any business would prefer to deal with local mobile app developing company rather than a company located outside. The reason is very simple, the company is at the peace that they are dealing with a local contractor with whom the app development project information can be communicated easily. In the case of any query from the app developing agency, it can be resolved quickly.
Outsourcing App Development Projects
Outsourcing App Development Projects
  • Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement: Before starting with the app development project, sign a non-disclosure agreement with the outsourced company. The NDA agreement safeguards the hiring company in protecting its intellectual rights. The app development company under the NDA cannot use of software, design and other features of the app by way of re purposing to others. This agreement binds the app development company.
  • Software Documentation: Once the app maker is done with developing the app, ensure that you have the software documentation. There might be a situation where you need to make changes or enhance the software of the app; in such cases the software documentation is handy. Your regular staff can see the document and accordingly make the changes in future, whenever they are required.
  • Prototype Model: Before the app development company starts working on your project, ask them to make a prototype model of the application. By looking at the performance and design of the application model, you will get to know whether the outsourced company is capable enough to meet your business requirements. If the prototype model is not satisfactory, you can cancel the contract.
  • Maintain Leverage: Never pay the app development company in full. Reserve at least one-third of payment for delivery. This gives you the assurance that you can check the performance and make necessary changes in the app by communicating the developer. Since you hold leverage amount in hand, the developer will get your work done quickly so as to receive the payment in full. Before paying the full amount, get the app performance checked with the staff and upon positive review, make the payment.
  • Assign Work To Team: While outsourcing the app development project, make small teams within your organization to handle the work of the outsourced company. Managing and monitoring the whole project by a single person can become a difficult task. Instead, make a small team head by a leader and assign them the work of regularly monitoring the app development process. The leader of the team shall act as coordinator between you and the outsourced agency. Understand the regular input given by the team and provide the guidance if required.

Infojini has served a variety of clients worldwide for mobile app development. We develop affordable solutions and ensure that the hiring company is satisfied and happy with the work. Contact us, if you have an idea for app development, which you wish to turn into reality.

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