With new versions of android rolling out in the market, the programming for mobile application is also improving significantly. Just as the Android platform has matured over a period of years, the customer’s expectations out of mobile application have grown too. This makes it compulsory for an app developer to create apps that are user-friendly and meets the expectations of the user.

The typical challenges associated with apps shall continue to exist but there are certain common app development mistakes that android developer must avoid. Let us see what these mistakes are.

Mistakes to Avoid During Android App Development

  • Consider Other Platforms: While developing an app for the android platform, the app maker must consider the app performance and layout on other platforms like iOS as well.  Utmost care should be taken so that the performance and look on different platforms is similar. By being creative and following the UI guidelines, the android developer can ensure that the app feels unique yet similar on different platforms.
  • Consider Effect on Battery Life: The battery life for mobile users in very important. Create an app that does not consume the battery juices at a rapid pace. The app should be light and battery consumption should be minimal. This will enhance user satisfaction and they will use your app more often if it does not affect the battery life too much.
Android App Development Mistakes you should avoid
Android App Development Mistakes you should avoid
  • Code for App Development: The android ecosystem has evolved over the years and has become quite stable. While coding the app, avoid using custom codes just to infuse creativity into the app. The reason to avoid is simple; the android operating system provides the line of codes to develop an app. So wasting time and energy in customizing code is not required.
  • Going Against Conventions: Building an app against the conventions to introduce creativity can hamper the app in a big way. It is good to be creative and give new features in the app, but being creative at the cost of user’s expectation is not a good move. Like, if the user expects the feature to close the app at the top right corner, then it should be there and not anywhere else. Following the regular conventions is important else, the consequences can be fatal.
  • Not Considering User Experience: The business always tries to develop an app that can get them maximum sales and display their different product range. Often while putting the business considerations at first place, the user experience is spoilt. Avoid developing an app that will be difficult to operate for a normal user. Ensure that the user has a good experience while operating the app. Here the companies can initially develop a beta test app and check the response of the users. Upon getting a positive response from the users, the company can upgrade the app for different versions of android.

Android platform is evolving very quickly and new versions are rolling out frequently. With such advancements, it has become equally important for app developers to keep up with the pace of change and deliver high-quality apps for latest android versions. It is understandable that the errors in apps do occur but it should not be at the cost of user experience.

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