More and more organizations are using a contingent workforce as a part of their business strategy – reducing fixed payroll costs, filling gaps invaluable skills, and increasing workforce flexibility, among other benefits.

However, while it’s crucial to understand that managing a contingent workforce can be complicated, there can also be several significant benefits, such as complete visibility, reduced costs, flexibility, risk mitigation, optimizing performance, and leveraging specialized skills. But managing contingent employees also comes with high risk. It would help if you implemented a contingent workforce solution to ensure that your business stays within compliance, optimizes performance properly, and doesn’t spend unnecessarily.

Here are three tips that we recommend you need to implement a contingent workforce solution effectively:

1. Estimate your current workforce situation

To reap all the benefits of any contingent workforce solution, you must look carefully at your current situation.

You’ll want to note how many contingent workers you have right now and how you expect this workforce to grow in the future. You’ll want to understand your workforce’s strengths and weaknesses. 

For example, maybe you have underperforming workers. Or, perhaps one of your more significant risks is not understanding worker classification completely, which could lead to tax fines and other penalties. Maybe you’re spending more on this workforce and want to understand how to manage them efficiently. 

The better you understand your current situation regarding your contingent workforce, the simpler it will be to execute the right contingent workforce solutions so you can reap the benefits.

2. Sourcing of your contingent workforce

One way to keep contingent employees’ costs low is having access to the best talent, who will be available for the job you have to fill at a moment’s notice. Your organization will rush to fill positions without fast access to the right talent. Often, this will result in your company drastically overpaying for your workers or making poor hiring decisions that impact productivity.

On top of this, you should utilize the right resources at the right time to access the best available talent for your organization. We assure you that you pay a reasonable amount when you source through Infojini as your staffing supply partner. When left unchecked, other staffing vendors in North America tend to mark up from 30% to over 75% on your labor.

3. Use technology wisely

Technology should be a vital part of all workforce solutions. There’s no need to perform tasks manually anymore. Having the right software can automate tedious tasks, save costs, and ensure operations run smoothly, reducing the chance of human error.

Contingent workforce management software programs can help you monitor, track, manage, and pay your contingent workers in the most efficient way possible. It enables you to maximize productivity, put the best workers where they’re needed most, see opportunities that will allow you to reduce costs, gain a competitive advantage, increase visibility to reduce spending, and anticipate problems before they arise.

You will be able to make much-informed decisions regarding your workforce when you have access to this valuable data.

So how can you reduce spending on a contingent workforce?

A staffing solution company is an outsourced third-party company that handles and takes the accountability of day-to-day management services to its customers.

 Infojini is an organization that is renowned in the US region for staff augmentation, with extensive experience serving Fortune 500 and large government clients. Infojini can help with a strategic method of improving operations that is commonplace among large and medium-sized corporations, hospitals, and governments.

We will take over the complex, often repetitive, and demanding work involved in managing your contingent workforce. You can outsource sourcing, payroll, compliance, and other tasks to us. While you will still have managerial control and responsibility for the outsourced operations, you won’t have to do the work alone. 

Working with Infojini can drive cost savings, increase accuracy and efficiency, and reduce your contingent workforce risks and liabilities.

You and your in-house staff should focus on the tasks that will grow your business and drive profits, not on the trivial details of the day-to-day responsibilities of managing a large contingent workforce. Putting this plan to work will help you mitigate risk, reduce costs, and leverage your flexible workforce. 

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