App development is an exciting job, yet it brings a lot of confusion for app developers regarding which type of app they should develop. Many companies intending to launch a mobile app go through this common challenge; whether they should build a native, a web or a hybrid app. This is an old debate and yet there are no concrete answers to it. Selection of which type of app to develop depends on many factors like, the kind of mobile device on which the app would run, the cost of building the app, reliability and responsiveness of app, etc.

The aim of this article is to give you an insight on the different types of apps available and to aid you in selecting the best-suited app for your business. We will also throw some light on the key differences between each type of app.

Different Types of Apps

Native Apps: These types of mobile apps can be downloaded and accessed from specific app stores like Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Like, only Android users can use an app built for Android platform, the native app development is done for specific operating software. This makes the app costly and time-consuming. However, the biggest advantage for app creator is that the native app can make use of all the features present in a phone like camera, contacts, accelerometer, etc. Many high-end features like gesture movement, offline functioning, etc. can be easily included into the mobile app.

Native, Web, Hybrid Apps – What’s the difference?
Native, Web, Hybrid Apps – What’s the difference?

Web Apps: They are not apps in real but look like apps. Web apps are a mobile version of a website.  Web apps work on the browser and are written in HTML 5. In simple language, web apps are websites that look and function like an app. Users initially open them in the browser and then they have the option of saving them as a bookmark. The home screen of the browser displays that web page icon in form of website bookmark. Initially, web apps were very popular but with time, the difference between a regular website and a web app has reduced significantly.

Hybrid Apps: The hybrid apps can be used on different platforms. They are built using cross UI, which is compatible with different platforms. Even though hybrid apps are less expensive but the major constraint is that they can be used only for developing the limited types of apps. However, the biggest advantage of hybrid apps is, they are available to the user on different platforms, such as Android and iOS. The user is free to access the app whenever he wants, without worrying which operating system the mobile supports. Like native apps, hybrid apps also make use of features present in a mobile phone like camera, GPS, contacts, etc.

Which Type of App Should You Select?

The main question that arises after understanding the meaning and differences between native, web and hybrid apps is that which type of app a business should develop. Each app has its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

If it’s a start up business, native app can be preferred as they are developed and released on a single platform at a time. Therefore, with time when the app nears perfection and fulfills the user’s expectations, business can develop an app for multiple platforms.

Another criterion to select the right type of app is deciding whether to make a free app or a paid app. If the app is free, the hybrid app is the right choice. However, if the app is paid, native apps are preferred because a user will pay only if he has a good user experience. Native apps are known for providing good user experience as the reliability and responsive of such apps are incredible.

If cost factor is the priority, hybrid apps are preferable as they are inexpensive and take very less development time. Hybrid app’s availability on multiple platforms also makes it the first choice when cost is a concern.

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