Veterans offer a unique set of experiences, skills, and leadership abilities developed and honed during their years in the military and the crucible of combat. Yet, unemployment rates highlight returning veterans’ difficulties in their search for new careers. Almost two-thirds of the veterans underwent a tough transition from military to civilian life. Close to half did not feel ready for this change. Difficulties are primarily attributed to unemployment, health challenges, and the need for time to “figure out what’s next” or decompress after service.

The Veteran Perspective

Veterans name “finding a job” as the most difficult challenge and transitioning military skills to a civilian environment a major test. Aside from the problems of the current US job market, one of the most significant challenges veterans report in finding a job is justifying how their military skills rephrase to the civilian workforce. Mostly all believe they have the skills needed to land their ideal job, but the majority express concerns about translating their skills into a business environment.

Most feel employers respect their military service, but three in five veterans face trouble with cultural barriers. Half the veterans are specifically concerned about employers not understanding military background and culture. Employed veterans feel valued, while unemployed veterans are more likely to believe their experience is not understood and respected by employers. Two-thirds of the veterans say they are facing health challenges due to their military service. Veterans who report physical or mental health challenges have had more complex transitions, show the highest need for support, and report more important employment concerns.

Veteran Transition Support

Not all veterans received training for transitioning to the civilian workforce. Two-thirds of the veterans said they received transition support. The most important source was the Transition Assistance Program, which less than half found compelling. Almost one in five veterans are unemployed and currently seeking employment. Most job-seeking veterans say they are prepared to search for a job, but nearly as many say they need options with multiple job search skills. Most veterans report that they need the most help with networking.

Job seekers report using different resources for trying to find employment but often show interest in additional tools. Interest in new transition programs or services customized for veterans, which close to three-quarters view as essential to their success. There are high expectations for employer-provided support programs for veterans. Veterans are looking to employers to nurture their careers, support their transition to civilian life, and accommodate any health challenges they might be encountering. 

Employment Challenges faced by Veterans

An estimated 21.6 million men and women in the United States are veterans who have previously served in the U.S. Armed Forces and are now civilians. While this survey accepted a spectrum of veterans from all service eras, it should be noted that the sample was designed to weigh heavily on a sub-segment of the veteran population in August 2021 who have served since 2001, also known as Gulf War-era II veterans, who are 2.4 million (11%) of the veteran population.*

What is the solution for Veteran Hiring?

Infojini is deeply committed to hiring and supporting our Military Veterans and their spouses. We value their unparalleled work ethics and unique skills that help transform the industrial and technology landscape of the nation. Strong work commitment, leadership, discipline, attention to detail, and the ability to thrive in challenging situations – are just a few of the many skills you bring to the workplace. Our talent experts help you translate these skills to the resume and further into a fulfilling career by thoughtfully evaluating your military experience, identifying career opportunities, conducting skill workshops, connecting you with brands, and preparing you for the job.

Not only that, but we also help your partner take this flight with you through our military spouse hiring program. Our recruitment and employment solution helps military spouses enter the workforce with competitive confidence and skills. We help find roles that match their aspirations and continually train and coach them to prepare for a civilian workforce.

Connect with us to know how we can help you seize the opportunities while preparing your workforce for an unpredictable future.



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