“If you want to attract high-potential candidates to your company, pay attention to your job description – create an attractive one!” said professional staff agencies.

How Effective Job Descriptions Can Help You Get the Best Resource?

Hiring process starts with attracting candidates. Now the question is how to attract ‘in-demand’ or critical talents to your organization? What is that you need to do differently to allure them to your company? The answer is your Job Description. Create a compelling job description that is crisp, clear, accurate and aligned with your expectations. A good job description help recruiters set their sourcing and screening strategies and candidates understand the expectations and ensure their skills match those required by the recruiting company.  

How Staffing Agencies Engage Top Talents
How Staffing Agencies Engage Top Talents

According to one of the white papers published by Allegies Group, several companies fail to get through the first step. They think their job description is accurate, while the candidates think otherwise. This mismatch develops an environment where employers risk hiring the wrong resource. In fact, the survey found that 7 in 10 employers say candidates are sometimes hired who lack the required skills.

In the employee dominated market, employers need to do everything (every unique thing) they can to pull the right talents. Writing a good job description is one of those special things a staffing agency should do for attracting talent to your company. In fact this is one of the many qualities you should look for if you are considering about hiring a staffing agency.

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Creating Effective Job Descriptions to Engage Top Talents
Creating Effective Job Descriptions to Engage Top Talents

How to write an awesome job description

Job posting is your first impression to the countless prospects out there. Hence, you shouldn’t make it boring by adding endless long sentences and achievements of your company. Instead your job posting should show off the kind of company you are, the type of person you are looking for and how will this role benefit the candidate in his/her career.

Typically, staffing companies create compelling job descriptions that makes the right candidate connect with the open position and with your organization aspirationally, functionally and (sometimes) emotionally too.

How to Attract Top Talent to your Company

Below are some of the techniques staffing firms use to draft a gripping job description.

Tips to Attract Top Talents
Tips to Attract Top Talents
  • Crisp, clear and accurate job description – A neat and straightforward job description has everything to do with talent satisfaction. A good staffing company always ensures that the  (realistic) job expectation is in line with the job description. A clear job description means the candidates know what is expected from him/her; so once they join the company there is no expectation mismatch. In order to write a good job description, the recruiter should be clear with the role, its purpose and its connection with the business goals.
  • State the purpose, show bigger picture to entice –  Potential candidates, especially millennials prefer the companies that have a purpose rather than just making money or getting a ‘Senior’ tag. So, if your job description describes that purpose and how this role will contribute to fulfill that you’ll win!
  • Make it motivating – Ever wondered what is the number one reason people resign from their jobs and look for a new one? Career progression, it is! Now you would argue how could you show that in a job description. Some companies do that too. A great example is PwC – their employer brand is built around how working for the firm can advance a person’s career. They highlight their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) in their brand strategies. And that shows in their job descriptions too. Here is the JD for an Assurance Senior Associate position:
Are you interested in the opportunity to work for an industry-leading firm that services clients that include the Fortune 500, and will give you the experience and exposure you need to build your career and personal brand? If you are, then PwC US (PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and its subsidiaries) may be the firm for you.

Their website career page too emphasizes on how people can grow within the company. The page says “What PwC has to offer is not just a job, but the opportunity of a lifetime. We’ll provide the training, coaching and experiences that allow you to build relationships and take advantage of career opportunities.”

  • Emphasize on the kind of person you are looking for – Simply mentioning the experience range, salary range and qualification requirement isn’t going to attract top talent – everybody in the field might have this. So, what do you have to differently to make people apply for your opening? Your job description should describe the kind of person you are looking for the said position, rather than list down a list of requirements. Marvel Games is the finest example of this. There job descriptions are apt. Instead of listing their experience requirement they list down the qualities that an ideal candidate should possess.
  • Show intangible benefits – A lot of candidates  consider company culture/environment as an important element of a post after compensation. Job descriptions that showcase cultural values in action attract employees who have the best chances of long-term success.

In a nutshell,

Ways to Improve Recruitment Process
Ways to Improve Recruitment Process

These are just five techniques of writing a good job description that attract top talent to your company. You can use all of these best practises in one job description or a couple of them or nothing, up to you. But do more with your job descriptions rather than using a template that prospects has seen and read on several sites countless times.

If you are failing to engage top talents to your organization, Infojini can help you with ways to improve your recruitment process . We help you recruit the right talent by improving your hiring process.

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