Finding the perfect talent remains one of the top challenges for several organizations. At the time when companies should be focusing on acquiring new clients or making business plans, they are busy searching for candidate profiles and shortlisting it, arranging interviews, finalizing candidates, doing background checks, negotiating salaries and releasing offer. In the era where time is money, why waste your money in these activities, which can be left to a professional staffing agency .

Finding, hiring and onboarding professionals comes with several pain points for employers. You need an expert assistance to find the talents you need in this competitive market – all-encompassing staff augmentation services is the solution to ensure you get the right fit for the open job position.

Things to know before hiring a staffing agency
Things to Know Before Hiring a Staffing Agency

Hiring a right staffing firm can make a huge difference in lowering your overall hiring cost, time and turnover. If you are considering about hiring a staffing agency to fulfill your requirements, here is what you should know about the process.

Why Companies Use Staffing Agencies?

As more and more businesses are preferring to hire freelancers, part-time or contingent staff to fill the workforce gaps, staffing companies have emerged as a boon for these companies. As per Frontline Source Group, nearly 90% of companies use a staffing service. Working through a staffing agency can benefit a business in several ways. Here are few of the advantages you can avail by outsourcing your recruitment needs to a reputed staffing company.

Companies prefer staffing firms
Companies prefer staffing firms
  • Quick Hiring – A staffing firm can pre-screen and shortlist candidates to ensure the manager is only interviewing candidates that are a right fit for the position.
  • Less Risk – For an employer, hiring an employee comes with several financial and legal risks, especially if the resource has to be fired or absconds. When you tie up with a staffing firm, the agency takes up full authority for the employees while they are on assignment.
  • Better Talent – Staffing Agencies have specialized recruiting teams for high demand domains.They better know where to look, what qualities to look for in a candidate, the best way to approach and convince a prospect for a job. This ensures faster hiring and top quality hires.
  • Cost-effective hiring – Hiring a staffing agency means they take care of the entire hiring process at a lower cost. They hire candidates with exact skill sets, meaning you don’t have to train them, which further saves your training time and cost.
  • Flexibility – A lot of companies are trying to have slender operations, meaning hiring only those people they are in absolute need of. This ensures that every dollar they spend is only going to boost their business. The best staffing firms gives you that flexibility by delivering the right workforce at the time you need them.

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How Staffing Companies Work?

Looking candidates for temporary hiring, full time hiring, direct hiring or temp-to-hire?

Working with a staffing firm
Working with a staffing firm

A professional staffing agency can help. Here is how they do it.

Typically, staffing agencies look for the desired skills in their database. If they do not have an existing candidate, they will post the requirement in top job boards to generate job applications. From the pile of applications they will screen the resumes, select candidates for interviews, conduct interviews and perform background check (if need be). Once the right candidate is found, that person will be hired as an employee of that staffing agency (unless it is direct-hire). This means the employee’s salary and benefits (if any) will be issued by the staffing company. However, their tenure will be decided by the client.  

Misinterpretations about Staffing Agency

Firstly, “Staffing agencies are expensive,” said a lot of companies. They think doing in-house is fast and cost-effective. You might come up with a calculation that how hiring a staffing firm can prove costly and recruiting in-house can be economical.

Misconceptions about staffing firms
Misconceptions about staffing companies

Ever wondered how much an open (critical) job position can cost to your company? It costs money, time and productivity. The longer the position is open, the higher the losses. A staffing agency can lower your cost. The recruiters with in depth expertise in their specific fields, can deliver candidates in much lesser time and at a much lower cost per hire.

Secondly, companies feel the candidates hired by staffing agencies lacks quality – they are low-grade general candidates typically fit for entry level jobs. That’s not necessarily the case – actually contingent workforce is usually over qualified for the jobs they doing, sometimes. They choose this work because they want flexibility and focus on other goals/passion in life.

Ready for hiring a staffing agency? Here is how to get one.

Tips to find a good staffing agency
Tips to find a good staffing agency
  • Make the hottest choice – Find a company with great track record for solid business practices. Like any business investments, the hired staffing company should also bring value to your business. Ensure the credentials of the employee is thoroughly verified through (but not limited to) references checks, they have proper insurances like general liability and worker’s compensation insurance.  Check reviews and testimonials of current and past clients on different platforms. It is worth considering a specialized (niche) staffing partner that has experience working for companies like you. Niche firms has access to a large pool of candidates with specific skills you need.
  • Communicate clearly – In order to get the right candidates you’ll have to brief about your company, about the open job position, skill expectations clearly to the staffing company. Other than describing the job profile, convey them your company culture, ethics and policies. This will help them look for a person that best fits your culture.
  • Stick with them – Once you’ve got a good staffing company, stick with it. Be clear and transparent in your thoughts when it comes to recruiting for a particular role; the more you discuss with your agency representative the easier it will be for them to find a perfect match for you.

Whether you are looking for on-demand recruiting services for unforeseen requirements or traditional/direct hiring for obvious needs, always make sure you have selected a staffing agency who have a great reputation for solid business practices, so you can focus on growing your business.

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