If you decide to hire through your in-house team be ready for the number of tasks that recruiting involves like creating and posting job descriptions, coordinating interviews, running background checks, negotiating and releasing offer etc. Moreover, if that candidate decides to back out, you need to follow all these process again to get another good resource. Do you have this much time? Are you ready to put in so much effort? If no, then connecting with medical recruitment agencies is the only right option.


Benefits of Medical Recruitment Agencies
Benefits of Medical Recruitment Agencies

Why Use Healthcare Recruitment Agency?

When you partner with a medical staffing agency like Infojini, your reach suddenly broadens more than you would think, giving you a wide range of choices. Here are few of the benefits of using staffing agencies when hiring in the field of healthcare.

  • They are cost-effective –  Always! Posting online job ads might be 10 minutes job, but registering on thoseHealthcare staffing agencies are economical job boards comes with a huge price tag. Did you know, LinkedIn Recruiter basic cost starts at $8,999 per year? Additionally, when hiring managers have to get involved (that’s important for hiring right) in the process, their time and work gets hampered, thereby multiplying the time and cost of hiring.
  • They save time – When hiring for critical positions, your time is important – you have less time to do more. Screening resumes, making calls to schedule interviews, conducting rounds of interviews, evaluating assignments, extending offer, running background checks – all these take weeks, sometimes even months to complete. This unnecessarily expands the overall hiring process.  Instead of putting so much time and efforts in this, why not assign it to a staffing company that specializes in hiring. Imagine the amount of time you’ll save.

At Infojini, we help you recruit the right talent by shortening your overall hiring process.


Medical Recruitment Agencies are QuickThey are fast – The rapidly aging population and need for chronic disease management will drive nursing demand, particularly in areas in the southern and western regions of the US, where there is stronger population growth and a weaker nursing pipeline. The country has experienced nursing shortages for decades, but an aging population means the problem is about to get much worse. How’s the healthcare industry going to deal with this demand influx in the years to come? When the demand outpaces supply, you need an expert to sort this out – there is nothing quite like working with a staffing company in this situation. With an extensive database of 100000+ pre-qualified candidates, Infojini applies best healthcare recruitment strategies, making hiring faster and affordable. All you need to do is choose the ones you like that best fits the role.

  • They deliver quality – Yes, they do! Healthcare staffing companies has connections with people you might not be able to reach with a couple of job postings. They have access to candidates with broad range of skills, niche ones too. Not just that they also have access to people who are not actively looking for job, but are ready to switch for the right opportunity. With over 97% project completion rate and dedicated account managers, you are sure to get nothing less than the best by partnering with us.

Working with a professional medical recruitment agency streamlines the overall hiring process and makes it easier to get the talent you have been looking for since long. Infojini  medical staffing services USA offer professionals in nursing, pharmacy, imaging, therapy, billing specialist and testing coordinators etc.

Working with Infojini - Your Healthcare Staffing Partner

We look forward to answering your queries and helping you take advantage of our innovative medical recruitment services.

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