While developing a mobile application both time and money plays an important role in the success of that app. This is true for both iOS and Android apps. Just like any other company, the iPhone app development projects are assigned by the client, so needs to be completed in the given (usually tight) time frame. Wondering how to speed up your iPhone app development process? Here are the tips.

How to Speed Up your Mobile App Development Timeline

The below tips by Infojini Consulting, a top mobile app development company will help you finish the project on time without compromising on the final quality. Read on to know more.

iPhone App Development
iPhone App Development

Creating Minimum Viable Product

MVP is the buzzing word in the market today. It is a great option, but shouldn’t be misunderstood by the term ‘minimum.’ Minimum denotes to minimum features not minimum efforts. Note that it is not necessary to enter the market with a fully functional product with every desired feature. Instead, give something to the users to fulfill their basic needs – and then get their feedback and implement it in the next release for better results.


Wireframing helps you get an idea. It will help you circle out the information architecture of the product you are about to develop. Once created, the wire frames can be sent to the client to ensure you are in sync with the their requirements. Once it is approved, the same can be sent for development. This will save a lot of time.


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Hybrid app development solution
Hybrid app development solution

It can substantially reduce the work. Imagine how frustrating and time taking it can get, if after building an entire product you need to make changes in the application. A prototype can help you circle out the errors and give your application an organized structure.

Providing Hybrid app development solution

This can speed up your iPhone app development process. Hybrid app development is done in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using Xamarin and PhoneGap frameworks. The coding on this platform using this technologies is relatively simple. Therefore, after the development the program can run either on iPhone or Android platform smoothly. Imagine how much time you’ll save.

Following agile iPhone app development methodology

If you want to release an app within six weeks, you have to adopt the agile methodology. This method helps in pushing repeated updates taking into consideration the user feedback along with client expectations.


This process can help you spot the bugs and fix it to avoid rejection on the app store. You can make use of one of the best methodologies to increase your chances of getting listed on the app store. Testing the app thoroughly will ultimately save the time of the app deployment process.

These are some of the best steps to speed up your app development timeline, thereby allowing you to concentrate on creating a quality product.

Looking to speed up your iPhone app development?


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