Cloud computing is the future for every business.  As per the recent study, many businesses are now planning to move towards cloud hosting from on-premise hosting. The tilt towards cloud hosting is because of the benefits it offers.  Some of the benefits of cloud hosting are savings in cost, efficiency in operations, innovations, flexibility, etc.

Web developers need to take a lot of care while moving the website from on-premise hosting to cloud hosting. The process of shifting to cloud hosting from on-premise hosting is just like changing the home from one location to another. Let us look at few guidelines that ensure the transfer of website from one host to another without any loss of data or downtime.

Guidelines for Transfer from On-Premise Hosting To Cloud Hosting

  • Purchase Web Hosting for New Host: While migrating from old host, always purchase web hosting for the new host. The web designers must ensure that old web hosting works successfully until the migration process is complete.
  • Take Backup: Take a proper backup of the data from on-premise hosting. Use different applications for downloading different website files. To ensure that the website runs smoothly on cloud hosting, backup of all the data is necessary.

    Shifting your Website from On-Premise Hosting to Cloud Hosting
    Shifting your Website from On-Premise Hosting to Cloud Hosting
  • Upload Data: After taking the backup of data, the web developer uploads the data on the new web host. Install all the web applications on the cloud host before uploading the database. The website will function properly only when all the necessary data is rightly uploaded.
  • Add Email Account: Before switching on the Domain Name Server, you must add your email account to get it working.  Set up the email account on the cloud hosting just like it was on the on-premise hosting.
  • Testing: Once all the files are uploaded on the cloud hosting, it is important to test the functioning of the website. Check whether the website is performing as per the expectations. The texts, images and other links on the website should function properly and in the case of any problem, rectify it immediately.

By following the above guidelines, websites can easily migrate towards cloud hosting. Shifting of the website from on-premise hosting to cloud hosting requires a high level of expertise.  The future belongs to cloud hosting and there is no doubt about it. If not today, tomorrow each and every business will have to move towards the cloud hosting because of the many advantages it offers over the on-premise hosting.

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