10 hard to fill job roles of 2018
10 hard to fill job roles of 2018

Here we come again with another interesting piece on recruiting.

Do you know it is not just you (an employer) who does background check/employee screening? A potential candidate also verify the employer’s credibility and reputation online.

Having a good online presence is important to attract potential candidates.

As per a research done by Indeed, 57% of job seekers would automatically distrust a company with no internet presence.

Therefore, spending on creating a good online space for your brand is a worthy investment.

The 10 toughest job roles to fill in 2018

CareerCast has released the list of the ‘most difficult job roles to fill in 2018’ in the United States. Here is the list:

  1. Application Software Developers
  2. Construction Laborers
  3. Financial Analysts  
  4. Home Health Aide
  5. Information Security Analyst
  6. Medical Services Manager
  7. Nurse Practitioner
  8. Personal Care Aide
  9. Physical Therapist
  10. Truck Driver

For application software developers, over a quarter of a million vacancies projected by 2026.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics also predicts that an additional 150,400 construction workers will be needed over the next 8 years.

While several Boomers are nearing retirement, the demand for financial planning is expected to increase notably.  

The findings also show strong growth for nurse practitioners and physical therapists due to an increasing ageing population in the U.S.

The American Transportation Research Institute reported that if current trends hold, the trucking industry faces a shortage of over 175,000 drivers by 2026. In order to keep up with the retirement and turnover rate, this industry will need to recruit approximately 900,000 new drivers over the next decade.

Why are these the toughest roles to fill?

Is the difficulty due to the lack of candidates with specialized skills? Or  your recruiting techniques aren’t appealing to attract the right resources? Or your company needs new and scalable employee retention strategy?

May be there is a shortage of qualified candidates with specialized skills, dearth of new graduates in some fields and swift industry expansion.

Whatever it is! If you are facing difficulties in finding the right candidate for the open positions in your company, we can help you.

Infojini, a reputed staffing solutions company have an extensive database of 180000+ pre-qualified candidates. So, the possibility of getting the desired skill set is high.

Our staffing experts follow a specialized process to meet client requirements. They:

  • Evaluate client’s’ need to understand the business goals
  • Consult the client to guide them in areas that they need assistance on.
  • Find the right candidate that best fits client’s staffing requirements
  • Review the resource by screening his/her candidature, getting it assessed by the in-house technology experts
  • Deliver the desired resource wherever needed

Our staff augmentation services can help you reduce the otherwise lengthy hiring process and lower your overall recruiting cost.

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