Staffing Agency Advantages
Staffing Agency Advantages

Know your need for a professional staffing firm.

The entire process of recruiting new candidates, from shortlisting applications, conducting numerous interviews, all the way till negotiations and paperwork could be a very time consuming process. Imagine how much more of a crunch situation you would be in if you had to fill prime roles in either the field of engineering, digital marketing, medical and science, administrative and support, public relations with the best talent for your company, and also meeting deadlines? A void in your company due to a wrong hire or lack of fulfillment of the important roles might end up hurting your business, and nobody wants a catastrophe as such.

Working with the best staffing agency
Working with the best staffing agency

If your company is battling with talent crunch in this competitive market, start by considering a reputed staffing firm that has extensive database of perfect domain specific talents, specialized IT and non-IT recruiting teams and bespoke staffing solutions like, Infojini.

Ready To Work With the Best Staffing Agency?

At Infojini, we help businesses with the right talent for the right job. We bridge the talent demand-supply gap through our extensive database, innovative recruiting process backed by a client-centric service model. Here are some of the many reasons to choose Infojini for your staffing needs.

  • Vast experience in providing Staff Augmentation services nationwide to various industries viz. IT & Engineering, Administrative, Finance, Creative, Light Industrial and Clinical & Healthcare
  • Client-centric model with dedicated teams and Account Managers
  • Over 97% Project Completion Rate
  • Extensive database of 180000+ pre-qualified candidates
  • Less than 2% Attrition Rate
  • Staffing Awards of our company – recognition 5 years in a row
  • SME Screening Process to ensure 100% quality
  • Requirement to Submission Ratio of 1:5
  • Interview to Submission Ratio of 1:3
  • Experienced Delivery Team
  • Large pool of highly qualified billing consultants
  • Domain- and skill-specific recruiting
  • Recognized by one of the top Staffing Companies in the U.S. by our Fortune 500 clients
  • 24×7 recruiting engine for speedy turnaround



If you are still confused, consider asking yourself the below questions:

Does my in-house team have time to fill all the open positions – even the ‘hard-to-fill’ ones?

Great Talent Delivered
Great Talent Delivered

Finding great talents isn’t easy. We live in the candidate-driven market, where the demand to fill open requirements outpacing the supply. At the same time, the time to fulfill an open position have shrinked. This means the internal recruiters focusing on easier and quick-to-fill job roles to justify their KPIs, leaving the ‘hard-to-fill’ ones open longer. If you are experiencing the same issue, we can reduce your burden by hiring for those complicated positions. Our stellar team has considerable expertise in a range of critical domains and can help you fill even niche open positions in less time.

Extensive database of 180000+ pre-qualified candidates

How much does an open position actually cost to my business?

Drafting job profile and posting online job ads consumes an hour or two – that’s the first stage and its pretty manageable. The really work starts post the first level – screening resumes, conducting rounds of interviews, evaluating assignments, extending offer, running background checks – the time (hours) a recruiter spends per recruitment stretches into weeks, sometimes even months – particularly if the position is critical and out of the recruiter’s area of expertise. Even the job board postings (LinkedIn Recruiter cost starts at $8,999 per year) comes with a BIG price tag. So when you add the cost of these online tools, the total cost to your talent acquisition team can become Huge – in fact VERY HUGE.

Not just the internal recruiting team, even hiring managers have to get involved in the hiring process – that’s important for making the right choice. However, hiring manager’s involvement means fitting interviews in their busy schedule, thereby distracting them from their important projects and lengthening the overall hiring process.

Ever calculated the amount of time and money you’ve spent by recruiting in-house? Does it actually reflects in your ROI? Wouldn’t it be nice to have these done by somebody who has access to a larger pool of top talent? There’s a reason why several Fortune 500 companies and government organizations across U.S. rely on us for their short-term and long term employment needs – because we decrease their time-to-fill, time-to-start and cost-per-hire. At Infojini, we help you recruit the right talent by shortening your overall hiring process.

Staffing Agency Screening Process
Staffing Agency Screening Process

Is my in-house recruiting team making the right choice?

Hiring fast is not the only solution to your staffing challenges, hiring right is also critical particularly for filling

Hiring The Right People!
Hiring The Right People!

complex requirements with high-in-demand niche skill sets. A wrong hire results in both tangible and intangible costs to a business:

  • Hiring Cost – lost time to recruit and train another/new (replacement) employee
  • Compensation – loss of money with regards to salary and benefits given to a non-productive employee
  • Severance Cost – cost of turnover in terms of exit formalities, severance packages and other payouts
  • Disruption costs The swirling effect on the entire team, which results in disturbance in the culture and attitude.

In order to avoid this, businesses should consider hiring an established staffing agency. At Infojini, we deliver talent that is both functionally and culturally fit for your company.

As per our process, we don’t bombard clients with 10-15 resumes per position. We share two to three profiles and wait for their feedback. Our idea is to provide a solution to your business challenge.

How do we do it

  • Understanding your requirement, expectations and organizational culture correctly
  • Defining the job description correctly to the potential candidate
  • Setting the expectations right
  • Performing rigorous and in-depth background check

Am I paying unreasonably high for ‘niche’ recruiting?

Specialized Recruiting
Specialized Recruiting

Despite having partnered with an established staffing company to fill their open requirements, some businesses choose to go for niche staffing agencies for their critical or ‘in-demand’ positions. This is primarily because according to these businesses a general staffing firm can only supply low-grade general candidates – they have fewer resources and smaller talent pools.

However, a niche staffing agency may charge an exorbitant price for ‘hard-to-fill’ posts. Additionally, the time taken to close a position is relatively more. At Infojini, we have offer best staffing services; we have specialized recruiting teams for IT, Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Government, Telecommunications, Banking & Insurance, Media & Entertainment and other domains, which through their consultative and receptive approach can fill entry-level to senior level positions quickly.

With an extensive database of 180000+ pre-qualified candidates and recruiters with in depth expertise in their specific fields, we can deliver resources in much lesser time and at a much lower cost per hire.

If, by asking these questions and reading the answers you’ve realized that your internal recruiting can benefit from our solutions to fill all its open requirements – even the critical and niche ones – give us a try.  

We’ll first have a meeting to understand your requirements, recruit the right talent – keeping in mind both your needs and candidate’s aspirations & ambitions to ensure both come out as a great pair and save time and money.

Have more questions?


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