According to a report of Business Insider, Nearly 30-55% of mobile apps downloaded by people over Android and iOS platforms are uninstalled right away. Whopping, right? Yes, it is a cause of concern for those intending to have an app developed or those who have just launched an app. Does your app have the necessary features to prevent uninstall?

App developers around the world are competing hard. What makes a difference in their service is ‘the apps that survive the competition’. So, the question we often come across is ‘how to prevent apps from getting uninstalled by the users?’ Well, there is no fixed technique that would work at all times. However, one can easily follow a few success tips to ensure that the potential target audience hangs on to your application for a little while longer.

Tips for Preventing App Uninstall

  • Give What You Promise – It is very important to do the one task that you offer with the application with perfection. If the app is good at 100 different things, but does not live up to the USP (Unique Selling Point) it claims to have, the user will uninstall your mobile application. You should also mention what the application is capable of doing or not doing clearly in the application description so that the customers do not feel cheated.
  • Design an Intuitive Interface (Include Tutorials If Necessary) – A complicated interface is one of the major reasons why a user might uninstall the application. It is critical for you to design an intuitive interface for the application. You must conduct enough research on how to simplify the app interface to make it appealing as well as simple. The study of the interface of popular applications can help you design an attractive and simple interface. However, you need to make sure that you do not end up copying the entire interface.

    Tips for Preventing App Uninstall
    Tips for Preventing App Uninstall
  • Spend Time on Optimization of the App – Once you have made the interface intuitive enough, you need to focus on optimizing the application interface in the mobile app development process. This can be done either at the source code level or at the graphical level. It is not always necessary to use the highest quality of images and graphics for your application, especially when they hamper its performance.
  • Reduce Battery and Data Consumption – If your mobile app users too much battery or data, it is naturally, going to be uninstalled. To avoid this:  Run your app on a mobile device and use all the embedded features simultaneously to see how fast the battery drains. If the power lasts for a lesser time, find out which features/operations are causing it to drain this quickly and fix it on priority.
  • Keep the application size small – This is one of the key factors to reduce your app uninstall rate. The less your application uses storage, the more it will get downloaded and used for a longer period. Also, smaller the size of your app, the lesser internet data it’ll use – another advantage!
  • Control the Limit and Types of Advertisements – You must consciously try not to bug the app users with several applications. Placing the advertisements at smart places can help you retain the user. For example, you can show an ad while the user waits for a task to complete on the application interface itself. However, blocking the process to show an ad is not advisable.
  • Control Time of Usage for Applications – Gaming applications nowadays use a popular strategy of controlling the time for which a user can continuously run the application. This way the user does not get bored with the application soon and looks forward to the next time he/she can use it.
  • Give Incentives from Time to Time – Giving incentives from time to time is a great idea to retain the user. For example, a few gaming applications give rewards to people who visit the application for straight 2-3 days in a row, at least once.
  • Roll Out The Needed Updates – It is important for you to roll out updates for the application from time to time. This shows that still care about the application and are genuinely concerned about the user.

Apart from these tips, you also need to lay enough emphasis on the security of the application in the mobile app development process to keep your customers’ sensitive data safe. Following these simple steps will prevent apps from uninstalling.

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