Do you know what makes a mobile app successful?

A great idea? Or Interesting features? Frankly, having just a great idea or few unique features alone cannot make your app a hit. The success of your mobile app development depends on several factors. In this article we‘ve listed down the elements that a developer should take into consideration while building a mobile app.

Key Success Factors for Mobile Apps

A great mobile app is one that fulfills the end user’s need quickly. In the below article we list down 8 key features of a successful mobile app. Read on.

  • Ease of use

Simplicity helps in gaining customer trust.  If your app is simple to use, a user will prefer to spend relatively more time using it. However, if it is difficult to navigate, they will uninstall your app and may go to your competitor for a better experience. App simplicity is the best way to prevent uninstallation. Now the decision is yours.

Factors that Make a Mobile App Successful
Factors that Make a Mobile App Successful
  • Great User Experience

We all like comfort, don’t we? An app with an amazing user experience (fast and responsive access) is sure to attract more eyeballs. A developer should always create an app that has a simple navigation – clear and smooth. Infojini, the best mobile app development company provides comprehensive mobile UI/UX design services to deliver the best user experience.

  • Faster load time

It is a human nature to be a little impatient, or perhaps extremely impatient. If we want something badly, waiting for even a minute seems like a whole day. It is important for a developer to be familiar with this ‘nature.’ An ideal app should take about 15-20 seconds to load. However, the loading time may differ from device to device. Because the CPU and RAM of a phone plays a critical role in determining the app load time.

  • Mobile optimized

Usually, businesses make this one mistake – they just want to replicate their web functionality into mobile. But it doesn’t works that way. For a mobile app to work smoothly, all the function and content has to be mobile optimized.

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  • Prevent errors

Users are bound to make mistakes. An app should teach them the correct manner. This can be done in myriad ways – such as context-sensitive assistance and utilization of context-sensitive defaults in order to prevent typing errors.

  • Comprehensive Testing

    What makes a mobile app successful
    What makes a mobile app successful

This is the most important factor of a mobile app development process. You should check your app thoroughly before making it live on the app or play store. It should work the way it is expected to, irrespective of the device it is used on. If you come across even the slightest bug while testing, get it sorted immediately. An app with great features and powerful functionality will surely lead the Google Play Store or App Store.

  • Integration with Social Media

This is crucial to gain popularity and revenue. Let the app users share and recommend your app to their friends and acquaintances. When your users share the app activities more and more, potential customers will know about your app and even they may come forward to give it a try. Basically by integrating social media icons you can increase your app’s visibility. It is a free marketing/publicity tool.

  • Appealing and useful design

Your app design should be classy yet simple (no jazz). It must be well designed both in terms of visual and experience. This will encourage the potential users to try your app despite of the low ratings and negative reviews (if any).

These are few of the significant elements that acts as a great driving force for the success of a mobile app. Majorly, it lies in the hands of the developers to build an unique and user-friendly application.

Infojini offers best mobile app development services. We can help you come up with an interesting and one of the leading apps in the market, but you will have to come up with your own brilliant idea.

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