Temporary Staffing Employment Screening: Why is it important?

Background check is typically done to ensure organizations hire the right people with lesser risk. However, there is always a question – should temporary staff be screened?  “Obviously YES!” says Sandeep Harjani, Co-Founder & Director, Infojini Consulting (offering a full suite staffing services).

“The amount of risk involved with hiring a temporary staff is similar to a permanent staff. Hence, it is important that organizations keep their background screening policy and level same for both permanent and temporary employees.” he says

According to him, irrespective of the cost involved in temporary staffing employment screening, it is crucial, as it can help avoid risky situations in the future.

As a responsible staffing partner, we ensure the workforce we send to you is reliable and appropriate for the job.

Temporary Staffing Employment Screening
Temporary Staffing Employment Screening

“Our screening process aims to protect your company against any potential liabilities. We do initial background check of every candidate that we meet. And, if we decide to go ahead with a particular resource, we go for additional verification.” added Sandeep.

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Temporary Staffing Employment Screening: How to do it?

A reputed staffing firm typically conducts temp employee screening through three stages. Here are they.

Background Screening

Temporary Staffing Employment Screening
Temporary Staffing Employment Screening

A temporary staffing solutions provider typically do initial testing by entering the candidate’s name on search engines and searching local court websites. However, that is a basic level search therefore for detailed and precise verification taking help from the best employment screening companies makes more sense. It is important to note that background verification should generally be treated on a case-to-case basis.

Drug Screenings

“Drug screening is imperative. It is critical from a employee’s compensation and safety angel,” says Sandeep. The presence of drugs like amphetamines, opiates, marijuana and cocaine signal a substance abuse issue and could lead to on duty accidents. To protect our clients against any potential liabilities, Infojini conducts drug screening along with other essential tests.

Past Employment Verification

Additionally, a professional staffing company should always perform past employment verification. It can be done by calling the previous employers and verifying the details mentioned by the candidate. A past-employment verification check verifies the declared details are accurate. It is possible for a candidate to mask the information in the application form. During the verification, if a recruiter smells something fishy, that could mean the employee is not reliable.

Infojini conducts temporary staffing employment screening before hiring an employee for their clients, to ensure they come up as an asset and not a liability for the company.

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