What Is Legacy Application Modernization?

It refers to the process of upgrading your old or outdated applications that are costing your business time and money.

Owning a vintage car is a luxury, but possessing old software is surely not. In business, at the end only profitability matters. While application modernization is a costly and time taking affair, the cost of running/marketing an obsolete application might be even higher. By reckoning on legacy app, you are putting the existence of your business at risk.

5 Reasons to Opt for Legacy Application Modernization
5 Reasons to Opt for Legacy Application Modernization

But how do you know if it’s time to modernize legacy application? Here are the top 5 formidable signs that hints your legacy application needs immediate upgrade.

Why Modernize Legacy Application?

It is slow and cumbersome

If your app lacks speed, like once tapped it take ages to open the next screen or the app crashes frequently, it’s time to modernize your app  This is mainly because your app is old or outdated. This can be improved by upgrading the app to improve performance and efficiency.

It looks outdated 

If your app is not in lines with the latest UI/UX design trends, it will obviously look old-fashioned. This way you may potentially lose a lot of your users. For instance, if didn’t upgrade your Android app to run with target API level of 26/27 (Android 8.1), you app will be same like a dinosaur.

Is your business ready for legacy application modernization?


It’s operation and maintenance cost is high

When the cost of maintaining the app’s status exceeds, its time to opt for application modernization. Completely revamping an app may sound costly in the start, the overall efficiency gains will decrease your cost going forward. And efficiency is very important – because greater efficiency results in higher revenue for your organization.

Your web app is not mobile-friendly

This is one of many reasons to modernize legacy applications. When you app has an ‘on-the-go’ version, more people will use it. Plus, the neatly done UI/UX design will only attract potential users to your app. A decent increase in your overall user base means good revenue. So, if your e-commerce web app has no mobile version, may be its time to go mobile.

It’s user-engagement level is decreasing

If your users are leaving which means something is not right with your current app. They may be having problem with navigation, looks or performance. It may be your constant marketing pop-ups or complex navigation. It could be anything. So, find the problem and fix it.

If you are ready to modernize your app and upgrade your overall revenue, you can get in touch with Infojini for the best mobile application development services. Our application modernization services includes:

  • Scalability Enhancement
  • Usability Enhancement
  • UI/UX Design Support
  • Security Enhancement
  • Reliability Improvement
  • Re-branding Services
  • New Function Addition




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