Mobile technology in healthcare has developed a new communication channel between patients and care providers (healthcare service providers).

But it is more than just a simple communication medium. Mobile devices make coordination better and improve diagnostic precision.

Mobile Technology in Healthcare
Mobile Technology in Healthcare

At present Play Store and App Store has more than 97,000 health and fitness related mobile apps, with daily 4 million downloads.

Such huge potential!

Will it right to say that mobile healthcare is the future? Let’s find out.

Mobile Technology in Healthcare Industry

There are numerous benefits of mobile devices in healthcare for both patients and healthcare providers. Read on:

Acts as a better care point

Traditionally, after discharge from the hospital, the patient has to take certain prescribed medicines. The nurse explains how and when it should be taken and the follow-up process. But there is no assurance if the patient understood what was communicated, or they remember the dosage.  As per the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), prescription errors are responsible for 70% of medication errors. But mobile apps are changing the way care was provided. Doctors and nurses can now coordinate better with the patient about the diagnosis, medication and the follow-up process. They can even monitor their health progress. This has made patient recovery faster and definitely better.

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Helps in health monitoring and management

Mobile apps and wearables help keep logs on patients. Now care providers can monitor patients’ health directly using mobile devices which can show how to administer a procedure. In fact, by using the mobile technology they can train family members the different aspects of patient care. This has resulted in better patient care overall. Mobile apps in the healthcare industry are streamlining the process between the inpatient and outpatient care.

Utmost diagnosis correctness

Managing patient records/data in the form of paper was a burden for the healthcare industry.  This load was reduced (to some extent) with the use of computers. However, mobile devices (mobile apps) has eliminated the use of papers completely. As per mHealth statistics 2016, 93% of physicians believe that mobile health apps can improve patient’s health. With the help of apps, now doctors and nurses are able to keep correct and detailed notes.

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Real-time communication

Improved communication is one of the many important benefits of mobile apps in the healthcare industry. Today, healthcare providers can examine the patient’s condition using HD cameras. Moreover, using the mobile technology doctors can share knowledge across the globe and promote collaboration which will benefit the patients. In a survey of medical school HCPs and students, more than 80% of respondents described using mobile devices to communicate with colleagues about patient care via email, telephone, and text messages. It also helps to strengthen the relationship between healthcare providers and patients.

Personalized service

Doctors deal with a large number of patients each day. Many-a-times, it gets really difficult for them to give individual attention to every patient always. With the help of mobile devices, physicians are customizing remedies/treatments/care without spending more time. By using patient’s data doctors will be able to create their profile and categorize them. These profiles can help them suggest/create a custom solution for each patient.

Undoubtedly, mobile is definitely changing the way doctors/physicians treat their patients. With a robust mobile strategy, healthcare providers can take benefit of the real-time and accurate details which will further improve the care offerings.

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