The two main reasons for popularity in mobile application technology include ease of use for the native mobile application and negligible cost/time for the development. Therefore, our experts focused on increasing the value and benefits of using mobile apps for businesses to an intuitive level. Being abreast of the competition, our apps remain updated with the top trends in the IT and computing industries and incorporate the same in the mobile apps that we create.

Here we are sharing 5 ways in which we have helped businesses with the best mobile app development strategies and UX design trends that will redefine mobile apps in 2018.

One-Stop Shopping and Marketing Solution

Infojini has worked with businesses in various sectors to inculcate the push notification technology in their applications to get the maximum value out of their marketing efforts. Regardless of the fact that you are hosting a product or a service-based business, the turn-around time is what drives the customer retention rates. When you host an application, you can keep your customers up to date with the latest happenings with their order. This is, in fact, a great communication strategy to ask them for permission to push notifications on their device. Once you get the permission, you can send updates for their order as well as marketing campaigns using push notifications, at regular intervals.

Importance of having a mobile app for your business
Importance of having a mobile app for your business

Collect Valuable Feedback

Unless you sell an extraordinary product/service to a very friendly client, you cannot expect a review from them over an online review site to improve the credibility of your business. Most promotional letters and requests for reviews directly end up in the spam or junk folder of the email box. On the other hand, mobile applications can help you collect valuable feedback using just one-click rating which most users will not shy away from. We have helped integrate the rating capability for various businesses right into the source code of the application for a flexible rating and feedback mechanism.

Provide Social Media Accessibility

As a top mobile application development company, Infojini can help you make the most of social media connectivity on the mobile applications. Going by the top trends, we put the social media share and like buttons, at accessible places within the navigation interface of your mobile app. With this, you would instantly have a shot at rising popularity on these social media platforms. The best way to do so is by activating a reward case scenario for the mobile application.

While working with several businesses, we have successfully implemented the token and prize collection/distribution networks using the application interface. The simple business plan allows the user to avail benefits of discount vouchers for the services/products in return for a positive review or share on a social media platform.

Tool for Brand Activation

The importance of a mobile application lies in providing invaluable support for brand activation in a business. Along with your website, social media pages and banners/print-ads, a mobile application automatically serves as an important means of contact between you and your most valuable customers. We have helped several companies create brand awareness in the highly competitive market by building a unique key identifier that had the potential to set their business apart.

Studies suggest that the world will spend over 450 billion US dollars in 2018 alone for marketing of services/products.(Source: Statista)

Source of Income

Including all the above-mentioned benefits of an app for your business, you also get to enjoy the perks of an additional source of income via retargeting and marketing functionalities. Companies are willing to pay extravagant amounts of money for placing a small ad in your application’s interface given that, your application has an ample number of downloads.

The importance of mobile apps in business is validated by these 5 key points. However, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Contact us at Infojini to discover how we can help you make your mark in the industry by creating a business-specific app for growth in business as well as brand awareness.


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