Despite the increased focus on diversity, especially by top firms, the diversity numbers remain dismal. While women make more than 50% of the population they only account for 25% of the tech workforce (Tech Leavers Study). The result – tech industry by large, remains a male-dominated sector and it isn’t changing soon.

While there have been many organizations that have been running women-in-tech awareness campaigns, robust change can only come if we start training women in technology irrespective of their age, past experience, and marital status. In this article, we’ll list 4 organizations that have been working tirelessly to promote women in technology. These organizations have sophisticated programs (free and paid) that train women on different verticals including coding, market knowledge, resume structuring, and much more. These programs have not only contributed towards the increased presence of women in technology, but they have also marginalized the gender-gap ratio.

1) Ruby on Rails Workshop for Women

Rail girls have a mission to bring more women into tech, teaching them to structure their ideas with a clear understanding of technology. This program is free and it teaches working women the basics of programming and sketching prototyping. The best part about this program is that it can be done from the comfort of your home which means that women with odd-working hours can also enroll. Also, since Ruby on Rails as a technology is fast gaining prominence, the chances of getting placed are quite good.  

2) Hack Bright Academy

Hack Bright Academy teaches part-time courses in different programming languages (Python, Java, HTML, and more) 4 times a week. It also teaches women the fundamentals of web development, basic programming, and quality assurance. The program also connects talented women with companies in Silicon Valley and has been responsible for creating many qualified python programmers. So if you are bored with your present job and are interested in a career in technology then this women-in-tech program is not a bad choice at all.

3) Code First Girls

Code First Girls is a non-profit organization with the mission to train women in IT. They offer free coding courses to women, worth £3 million. Since 2013, they have offered these courses to more than five thousand women. The main idea is to bridge the gender gap and encourage diversity recruitment when it comes to technology. Going by the numbers, so far the program has been hugely successful.

4) Ladies Learning Code

This is yet another women-in-tech program which seeks to bridge the gap between both genders when it comes to technology. Ladies Learning Code offers many coding courses to women. The idea is to empower and educate women so that they become self-dependent. So far the program has been hugely successful and has helped many companies get talented tech talent for their projects.

The tech sky is big enough for anyone to fly and with the open jobs in this sector increasing by the day, working women should seriously consider joining any one of these programs. Yes, coding can be a little intimidating at the start but with the proper guidance and support, anyone can make a career in this high paying industry.

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