Staffing industry has played a crucial role in maintaining balance during the pandemic.  Quoting, Richard Wahlquist, president, and chief executive officer, American Staffing Association,

“During one of the worst crises ever to face our country, staffing agencies are playing a vital role in helping to ensure the flow of essential goods and services the American people need to weather the storm.”

National Staffing Week 2020(Sept 14-20) gives all the staffing companies a chance to celebrate and appreciate the efforts of these staffing champs who in the worst of the crisis have risen to the occasion and emerged stronger than ever before.

Although this day recognizes the contributions of the millions of individuals employed by U.S. staffing firms during the year.  But it also presents an opportunity for the staffing firms to recognize the efforts of their staffing stars who contribute to the placement of millions of talented individuals across the nation.



Here are a few tips that staffing companies can follow to recognize the contribution of their staffing stars and motivate them for another year that lies ahead.

  1. Reward Your Staffing Performers
  2. Organize a Gratitude Week
  3. Conduct and Promote Team-Building Activities
  4. Give Them Additional Leaves

1.  Reward Your Staffing Performers

This might be the most cliched tip but it never disappoints. Receiving acknowledgment for their work on a company-wide platform gives employees a sense of pride like none other. These kinds of recognitions ensure employees are given due importance and appreciation for their efforts.

National staffing week is therefore the right time to put the spotlight on these star performers. You can conduct rewards and recognition programs during this week by asking your team leads and managers to nominate the best performers from their teams on a defined list of criteria.

But do not restrict your rewards to only wordy appreciation or certificates. Award employees with tangible or intangible benefits that add extra value to their lives. Be it bonuses, gifts, week-off for travel, or simply access to a premium luxury service, show your appreciation in tangible ways that go beyond regular appreciation.

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2.  Organize a Gratitude Week

It’s a hard truth that not all your employees will be rewarded during the reward and recognition ceremonies. Only 10% of all the employees would receive rewards. Such a scenario would affect the motivation of remaining employees and might hit their performance in the longer run.

Organize gratitude sessions in such cases to strike a balance between star performers and regular performers. Ask employees to come forward and appreciate the unnoticed hard work of their peers. Keep these sessions open for inter-team and inter-department appreciations. Apart from keeping your employees motivated, gratitude sessions also give a rising platform to new star performers.


 3. Conduct and Promoted Team-Building Activities

Before CoVID, you could have organized an outdoor team bonding session or gone for a lavish lunch.  But today as teams are distributed and workers are remote, you can take advantage of national staffing week to connect them again like old times. Fill the whole week with different activities to keep the excitement of the staffing week rushing through their week.

Provide your staffing champs a platform to showcase other talents. Conduct knowledge sharing contests, potluck parties, cooking competitions, and other activities to keep the employee’s enthusiasm high. Promote all your activities on all your social platforms to encourage more and more employees to participate. Utilize this opportunity to build your brand and show to the world how well you appreciate your employees.

4. Give Them Additional Leaves

During CoVID, chances are your teams were on the toes to ensure a consistent supply of staff in critical industries like healthcare and supply chain. They were working day and night to ensure a consistent flow of resources across all the industries.

On the occasion of national staffing week, acknowledge the efforts of all these workers, and consider their mental and physical health by awarding them a day or two of relief. Credit additional leaves in their lot and give them the liberty to avail these leaves as per their comfort. Show that you care in these little ways. Taking care of your employees in such ways goes a long way in keeping your staffing workers motivated, happy, and productive.

Here’s a sneak peek into 2019 National Staffing Employee Week.

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